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Nature and humans

Nature always produces something that can be useful for humans if humans can make the best use of it, with all kinds of things that exist in nature when they can be used properly by humans, the results obtained will also be good and beneficial for mankind, because nature is very nature that makes everything in nature depending on how humans process the nature and what the results of the natural processing become.



When nature is processed properly, the results of the processing will be good, and it cannot be separated from that nature will be processed into what the results also depend on humans who process nature into what, because Haris nature is processed well, and with a good purpose.



so that the results of the processing become good and also useful. Therefore, human potential is expected to be able to process nature with good processes and goals so that everything that is created will be good, and all natural products can be utilized properly by humans so that they can live better, so that they are beneficial for the entire universe.

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