Off the drill

The previous #22kill #22pushupchallenge had finally came to an end, and I was awarded with a long waited rest day. I did not make post at all. After work, i went out dinner with the family, having a good time and temporary forget about the cruel world for a brief moment.


The Boss Kitchen is our new found family friendly Japanese fusioned bar and bistro. Food menu offer a wide range of selection, and the kids are not against it, despite the price tag is a little high, but I don't mind paying as long it keeps everybody happy whilst I can afford it.


I'm not Japanese culture expert, but I guess the menu had written what was Izakaya about. So, to me this us a perfect and relaxing place after work, to grab some decent food and spend some time with the family. Seriously hope the photo upload doesn't kill the picture resolution much so you can read it as well.


On an unrelated note, I've done some culture digging regarding Japan, Korea and China, to found that these 3 countries had never been origin the same. So happen they're around the same region, they share similar culture. But other than that, they're supposed to have their own origin. It's always fascinating when looking at a pair of chopstick and ask how these countries come to a conclusion by holding two sticks together and use it as a clamping kit.


Girl got a bowl of luncheon meat fried rice. Here comes the fusioned part. This is not Japan, restaurants are bound to comply with the local taste bud, so they can adapt to the local society and do business here for various type of customers. Now what literally fucked up is, restaurant tend to use "authentic" in their menu description. So, an authentic Americanized meat loaf, probably SPAM made of China pig, and being fried in a Malaysian operate Japanese restaurant, by a Vietnamese kitchen staff 🤣


Wife got a Kimchi Ramen. Ramen is another mind blowing dish. I remember one time years ago when @tasteem hosted a ramen review contest, only I found out there's difference between Japanese ramen and Chinese ramen. I will have to thank @travelgirl for alerting me about that. Well, once again, a Korean kimchi in a Japanese ramen. Don't get me wrong, it's kinda "authentic", very tasty.


I got myself a bowl of Kyushu Ramen. I don't know if Japan eat this kind of ramen noodle with this combination. I only know I like the taste. For a brief moment I get to enjoy my food and forget about the busy lifestyle in this urban city. There's one more dish, fish and chips by the boy. But I'm just too lazy to snap that. Having said fish and chips is originated from the British country? Once again, when we order fish and chips, the waitress asked if we wanna add spicy powder onto the fries.... I was like... B L A N K... For a brief moment. Was it CHIPS or FRIES? This fusioned authenticity had totally fried my mind when I try to figure it out.

Last but not least, remembering @justinparke and his family. I have dedicated a short prayer before going to bed, for the safety and arrangement of their reunion to happen smooth and soon as possible.

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