Grow up or side way 不

You see, there's this quote from William S Burroughs, "When you stop growing you start dying", which is true. We human peak our human growth hormone when hitting puberty and gradually decline after the age of 30. In my case, the moment I stop growing up, I started growing side way 不


For the first part of my life, I don't really care about how do I looked and never really bother what puts in my mouth. I smoke like a chimney and I eat like a bulldozer sweeping every piece of junk into my gut. Man I was so wrong that I've lost the opportunity to "grow" up, instead I spent those useful years in growing fat.


Until when I realize? It was in 2013, I almost had a stroke when I was driving and yelling the eff words at the infamous Kuala Lumpur traffic. Health diagnostic came back with plenty of bad news, hence I started my journey of weight loss. I've got some small success, and manage to slashed away some 20kg in a year and maintain it for the next couple of years.


Now that I'm in my 40s, I'm very proud to say that not only living a slightly healthier lifestyle by stopped smoking, but I'm still continuously dieting trying to maintain a slightly better eating habits.


Other than that, I'm also trying to push myself doing more workout than ever. However, I just can't seem to have more result than my younger self. I did a lot of reading and research online, to find out the famous quote of stop growing and start dying.


And to my surprise, many people had resort to getting testosterone replacement treatment at their 40s. For a moment, I was tempting to do that, and I think I'm just lucky enough to found another article of guys with strongly male hormone tend to bald faster. I looked at my head, and yes there's not much left upstairs. I just can't imagine if I put those substance in my body, I think not only my hair, I'd probably bald my armpit as well 不


I just don't know man. After reading all that, it's just seems no shortcuts. I know I can put down hours of workout and I still may not see changes in my body, but I also know if I don't workout, I will never get that change. People who inject steroids don't see themselves as drug abuser, but then steroid is a form of drugs. I don't need to go down to that route, so let me enjoy a few more days, and I will reset my workout routine. I still don't have a meal prep schedule yet, may be I should really look into that.

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