A good time to CONVERT

It's May now, and it's almost half a year gone, and my progress still slower than ever. My new year resolution was 20k delegation, I did it in very short time due to the decision of killing one of my account, so I can use that corpse to nourish this account.

In view of the sudden changes, my original goal is no longer something I can look forward to, so I set myself another level of goal, which is 30k. Now bear in mind I have nothing much left in my wallet as I have purchased more than I can afford previously. My portfolio in my exchange wallet now probably has less than 3k, and majority of those money were stuck is seriously devalued coins which they originally was 15k.

Ok. Enough of that horse shit about me bragging how much I've delegated. Now my problem is, I can't possibly be getting to 30k by year end unless I make shit ton of posts, and gotta ensure all of those post being upvoted by communities. Realistically, I gotta sell my HBD and buy back HIVE for me to continue to grow.


I can choose to sell my HBD at the market, so I can get the HIVE and power up. But then again, there's the "convert" function available, and very little of us truly understand the benefit of having such convert function. Checkout the above screenshot, 1HBD can hardly make it to exchange with 2 hive. Checkout below convert result after 3.5 days.


The idea is simple, because the internal convert function has always been pegging HBD to 1 dollar, therefore despite the market value falls to current 0.92, in the system will continue to honour as $1. Have you use the concert function before? I hope you haven't got the opportunity like myself, back in 2017 year end, I sent 22SBD to the CONVERT button and come back 22steem 🤣 I know this is #hive, but let's learn from this mistake. Never use the converting function when the market value of HBD exceeds a dollar.

Now I'm very bright already, since I still have commited that 30k, I think I will be able to buy myself there by continuously converting my HBD, and hopefully before year end I will be able to hit my 30k delegation.

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