Challenge #12 Beautiful Landscapes Near Your Home

A Little Breather in the Middle of Busy Area.

Hello dear Hivers! How are you all?


Do you have a favorite hangout place where you and your family love to bond?
We have one. It's actually a public open space. But we usually go there if we want to go out and have fun.
Wanna tag along?


Living in an urban place where our usual view is a row of houses, buildings, and a lot of commercial establishments, we always long for a breather, a little space where we can connect with nature.


This has been our constant place to go to, so we've witnessed all the changes, from the drying of grass because of the intense summer heat, to the blooming of the flowers, and leaves falling on the ground.

These photos were taken on different days and I just compiled them so you'll see the changes depending on the season.


Sunrise view.


Playing badminton with family.

This little park is just minutes away from our house, and that's where I jog in the morning or ride my bike and play badminton.


Me and my son biking in the morning


Dried flowers from the trees.

The building at the back of that photo above is a supermarket, and that's where we buy our essential needs. So when I'm inside shopping, my kids are waiting for me outside playing with their father.



There they are, waiting patiently for me to finish paying for the groceries. They just came from the playground, but they couldn't play because there was a muddy puddle at the landing of the slide caused by the rain.

And that's our breather in the middle of a busy urban place; not the grandest landscape you'll ever see, but just enough to breath fresh air, connect with nature and play around.

I added a short clip of us playing, or should I say "me" chasing my kids. A short video with lots of giggles. I hope you like it!

Thank you for reading until the end, and I hope you enjoyed tagging along!

Today is the last day of Challenge #12 initiated by @justinparke of @asean.hive. Join the fun! You have few hours to submit your entries!


All photos are taken by me unless stated otherwise.

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