The Beauty in Waiting

Hello, ASEAN hivers. How's your day? It's a terrific day for me since I just recovered from a minor illness. And the best part would be that I was able to take a bath again. 😆

Since it's a beautiful day, I love to show some of the beautiful orchid blossoms I have since I began taking care of them. I have a collection of dendrobiums, cattleya, vandas, and phalaenopsis orchids. Collecting plants became a fad during the pandemic in the Philippines and I was one of those who joined the craze but I could say my love for plants is not for a short time only.

My Phalaenopsis Orchid Blossom

My love for orchids started when a friend of mine asked where she can buy phalaenopsis orchids. I got curious and so I searched about it on Facebook. When I saw how beautiful they are, I fell in love at first sight. But these orchids are not cheap so I bought at least three pieces. When I had them, I learned that they are not easy to take care of. They need proper upkeep for them to grow healthy and blossom. But I was elated after six months of care when I finally witnessed its first blossom.

FB_IMG_1659115962358.jpg My first phalaenopsis blossom in 2021. Its flowers were large and stunning.

Important points when taking care of phalaenopsis:

  • Avoid root rot by allowing the roots to have proper ventilation.
  • Avoid crown rot by making sure the crown is always dry. Water that settles on its crown causes crown rot.
  • Do not place them under the sun.

My Strap Leaf Vandas

I discovered the beauty of strap leaf from a Facebook page of an orchid farm. I was fascinated by its wide variety. My collection includes four in their blooming size and three in seedling size of different varieties. The blooming size is quite more expensive than the seedling but you'll surely get to see them blossoming soon. Taking care of strap leaf vandas needs time, effort, patience, and proper knowledge of how to properly care for them. They are quite sensitive compared to other orchid varieties. Here are some of my strap leaf vandas in bloom.

IMG_20220730_024408.jpg Variety: Kasam delight x manuwadee

IMG_20220623_180159.jpg Variety: Ranu Gold x Butterfly

IMG_20220730_104817.jpgVariety: Kuru chom 'Dark Knight

Strap leaf vandas are sensitive to the sun. They should be placed in 70% shade and 30% sunlight. I place them under a tree where they are protected from the intense sun during noontime but can still be exposed to morning sunlight. They are also prone to crown rot so putting fungicide on their crown once a month is very helpful. Once the crown rots, the plant will no longer bear flowers. It is also good to fertilize them once a week.

My Cattleya in Bloom

Cattleyas are as beautiful as other orchids. I find its flowers extraordinary with their wide variety. You can have them in different flower sizes, flower shapes, and colors. I got only one cattleya variety, the nicest one for me. 😁 Here is my cattleya in bloom.

IMG20220729120940.jpg Variety: Ctt. Loog Tone Red x aclandiae

Of the above-mentioned orchid varieties, cattleya for me is the least sensitive among them. Just don't expose it to too much sun.

My Dendrobiums Flower Power

Perhaps the most common orchids in town are the dendrobiums. They are easier to take care of and have a shorter growing time up to their blooming size. I maintain varieties of them but they are still in their seedling sizes. But I had one bought in its blooming size and had it bloom after 2 months under my care.

Its flower is bigger compared to other varieties of dendrobiums and the shape is rounded which I find not so common among dendro varieties.

Growing orchids has taught me an important life lesson. The beauty in waiting. Orchids need favorable weather conditions too so even if you meticulously care for them, you cannot push them to produce flowers. That is not in our control. I have been an impatient kind of person but it taught me to be patient and work hard for something I wanted to have and enjoy every step of the process. It also helps me appreciate the little things like being happy even when only a new root or shoot unfolds. That's the beauty of waiting and when the right time comes, it will shower you with the most beautiful things that you can expect.

Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments.

Thank you dear friends of hive. Have a beautiful day and take care of your health.

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