🤫 The Weekly ASEAN Hive "Hot Goss" #119 🧗 Dangerous Drops, Monkey Business & Massive Menus 📜


Greetings Hivers, welcome to the Weekly ASEAN Hive "Hot Goss", where I @justinparke dig up false ASEAN Hive rumors and spread even more, but all in satirical fun and support of Southeast Asian content on Hive.


🧗 Dangerous Drops, Monkey Business & Massive Menus 📜

May 21st, 2024
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image.pngby: @xuanphuc98 (click pic to go to post)

     LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP is a new thrillseeker's resort in Vietnam, and it's not for the faint of heart. The name of this business implies a lot, and as you can see in the photo, there's not a handrail in sight.
     At this mountaintop resort, guests are trusted not to walk off the edge of any ledges, and the lack of safety barriers preventing random freefalls is actually a draw for some people. I for one like a little danger on my travels, so this place would probably suit me well.

8.jpegby: @mdakash62 (click pic to go to post)

     When I was a kid, my parents always told me I should be doing any MONKEY BUSINESS, but that's not the advice a monkey mom should give her children. The monkeys in this post took note of the various human roadside businesses in the area and decided to set up their own shop.
     So far they don't have any products for sale because they can't open a bank account. Without a photo ID it's hard to get anything done nowadays, so this monkey business may be doomed to fail unless they can start selling illegal bananas.

j.jpgby: @luueetang (click pic to go to post)

     Recently a few of our community members stumbled upon the WIDEST MENU BOARD IN MALAYSIA. The menu board takes a minimum of 5 minutes to read, and fights have been known to break out when a regular patron gets stuck in line behind a first-time diner marveling over the choices.
     This place is meant to provide fast food and service, so customers using too much time reading the menu board will have to pay an additional 10% fee for holding up the show.

Until Next Time ASEAN Hivers....

     Please remember this curation is merely fictional satire, so don't take anything I write too seriously.

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