Harvesting jengkol with friend

Greetings to all friends wherever you are back again with me @alvonzo. how are you...? I hope all friends are healthy and successful always.

in this post I want to tell a little story about my work harvesting jengkol. I went to the garden with my friend. He is also an extraordinary figure, willing to work anything to earn a living for his family.

he is also very proficient at climbing jengkol, even though it is very clear that the jengkol tree in my field is very high, but he managed to pick jengkol.

In the previous harvest, I always picked jengkol myself, but because now I am not feeling well, I invited my friends to pick jengkol, I also helped collect the jengkol below that my friend had picked.

after I collected the jengkol that my friend had picked, I also put the harvest in the sack.

Jengkol from now on is very cheap, but I still sell it because the economic situation is very difficult for us, especially since the weather in our area has been raining a lot lately.

then the jengkol that I put in a sack and then I tried to lift it even though my condition that day was not healthy.

I lifted him up on his back then I brought him home to the shelter to be sold on the motorbike I have. the selling price of jengkol at that time was five thousand rupiahs one kilogram while the picking costs were one thousand five hundred rupiahs. This means that the net amount for me in one kilogram is three thousand five hundred rupiahs.

that's the story of our life in the village as freelancers. We will do any work to make ends meet. and thank you to all my friends who stopped by my post, I hope you are always given health so that we can meet again in the next post.

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