Two types of insects that I present this time

two insects mating, it seems my presence,can be a nuisance to them,insects are a very vicious type of predator,

it was true that my presence was a nuisance to the insect,Soon it flew away,the type of predatory insect that I've seen is of medium size, but this size is big again...

this one is a large moth, it accidentally landed on my pants,

really loved the moth, because it couldn't fly far anymore, its torn wings,At that time there were some people who said that this type of arm was very itchy when it touched its fur,But when I held the butterfly nothing happened,

then I let the moth lay on the floor,the back of the moth's wings, there are different colors,but the eyeball that is owned by the moth is very large,In general, this type of butterfly flies normally, but this one is like being overloaded on its body ...

but it's a little strange for the butterfly that flies between the crowds of people through stopping at my pants and also lies on the floor,too heavy for the butterfly to inflate its body.different forms, different types,, none of them are the same,,

I hope all of you,, can understand what I wrote,,and can enjoy what I share,and for all my friends,, hopefully healthy always,,if health is not with us anymore,, then,, lying limp ,,,

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