celebration event or khanduri Syukran.

This is the custom or tradition of khanduri Syukran in our place. The one who carries out the event is one of the oil palm farmers or bosses at our place,He is already well known in various areas where we are here,Because he is one of the rich people, namely an oil palm farmer.Because of his gratitude to God for the abundant harvest,He held a Thanksgiving event. For the blessings God has given him.

The event was held in one of his gardens, I happened to be one of his employees,I even became his right hand man in the garden where the event was held...He had wanted to hold this event for a long time but because there were several obstacles that had to be resolved first,So on this day the event took place.Many people were invited by him but not all of them attended because there were certain obstacles,Meanwhile, I was a little late arriving this morning because I had to take the children to school first.Even though he told me long ago,I have to be there early to slaughter the goat because there are two goats provided.But what can I do if I come too late?And I was a little bit irritated by him, aka angry But that doesn't matter to me because it was my own fault. I can just keep quiet and immediately do other work.

Mothers are a little busier than men.Because the people who were the cooks that day were mothers,Meanwhile, men only clean the goat meat after cutting it,But there is another direction that I take per day, namely cooking rice Because in the rice cooking section I am one of the experts. Ha ha...

Approximately the rice is cooked,And the goat curry sauce is almost cooked in just a matter of minutes.Then the invitees immediately prayed asking God to give them a smooth healthy body and a long life.That's our custom here in praying thanksgiving to God.

There was an old man.He is very confident and very diligent in helping mothers cook.Even the old man was always looking for firewood in the forest. The goal is so that the goat curry sauce cooks quickly

There were several young men who were fetching water from the river using trishaws,Because in the garden there is no well and no river.So you have to take the water quite far away using a trishaw and pour it into jerry cans.All the invited guests were busy, including myself.

That's my story today.Hopefully you can all be entertained by my story.And all of you are always healthy and can always gather with your beloved family... That's all and thank you

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