Night in the City Lhokseumawe

Hi all Friends at ASEAN Hive Community,

Hello, how are you all, family, I hope we are doing well and I hope that what we want can also be achieved and most importantly we must be grateful for what we did today and I hope that what we say can be useful for many people, cheers for us all.

On this occasion, I will also make a costume about the atmosphere at night in the city of Lhokseumawe and this atmosphere is precisely on Jalan Sukaramai where people shop a lot and buy the things they want and are also very blessed for all of us.

This place is busy almost every day with people, whether it's passers-by or people who shop at this place, but it can start from morning to night and at midnight that's where this place looks deserted and the place I took this picture.

At that time what I took this picture was the atmosphere at night around 11.00 pm and there were still many people selling and even people who wanted to buy with some of my people but that also made this city active and also extraordinary because of the location there are always people even though there aren't many.

In this place during the fasting month there are lots of people selling and the people selling are also from various regions and they sell various kinds of goods. But that's for sure the food items that are usually opened at the time of breaking the fast is what makes this champion even more crowded.

Besides, this place also has to be active with a number of things like that so that Lhokseumawe City exists and becomes lively with the atmosphere of people passing by so that many give up if this city is active and eating can make a living for people who have created a place to sell in around this.

Maybe that's all I can convey at this opportunity, I hope that what I convey can be useful for all my friends and also useful for us and I hope that what we want can be achieved and can also be motivated by what we do.

That's all I can say on this occasion, may it be a blessing and also useful for all of us. See you in my next post.

CameraOppo F7
LocatedAceh, Indonesia

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