Malacca Tourist Playground

Hi all Friends at ASEAN Hive Community,

Good afternoon my friends. It's a beautiful and fun afternoon and in this afternoon we will also be doing activities that are beneficial for ourselves and for others so that we can do these activities with satisfaction and also really well.

In this afternoon I will make a post about places to play on the Malacca rides in Banda Aceh and these are tourist attractions in Banda Aceh and also the most pleasant tourist attractions to visit and also relax while playing in this place, and this really fun.

At that time, my family and I went to this place because we wanted to see the atmosphere and the playground. It turns out that this place is still the same as before and has not changed and this is an interesting thing for us visitors because we still remember how the place and position are usually.

I also really enjoy this place and also do my best in this place so that there are so many moments and also documentation that I take in this place and at that place I can take in some interesting places and also I rarely see in my home .

When discussing the problem of the swimming pool where I live, there is also a different atmosphere, so in this place what makes this place interesting is that there are several things such as the main stage of the swimming pool which is different from usual and there are also other slides.

And when we arrive at this place, we will not regret what we have done in this place so that everything we visit has benefits and also has a purpose and I make sure in this place it is very interesting because I have been to this place several times when you want to go to Banda Aceh.

Maybe that's all I can say on this occasion. Hopefully this can be useful for all of my friends and don't forget to visit my post.

That's all I can say on this occasion, may it be a blessing and also useful for all of us. See you in my next post.

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LocatedAceh, Indonesia

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