Village Development Planning Meeting for 2023

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So it has become our custom in the village, and it has also become a local government rule, regarding the management of the Village budget annually, especially at the beginning of the year, The Village Government holds a deliberation meeting to discuss what development issues are prioritized in 2023, and what will be built with the available budget

The Village Head explained that there were four works that had to be completed this year, according to the budget that had been given by the central government. And this work is appreciated and approved By the porum present at the deliberation meeting. With the following activities.

The first activity, explained the village head, with a total budget of 65,000,000 sixty-five million. Namely building a Multipurpose Hall with a building area of ​​5x10 meters. It must be done Within one month, starting on May 20, 2023. And ending on June 21, 2023.

The second activity. With a total budget of 33,000,000 thirty-three million. Namely building a 3x5 meter ablution place. 25 days of diving work, starting work on June 5, 2023. And must be completed At a predetermined amount.

The third and fourth activities. That is, with a total budget of 320,000,000. three hundred and twenty million, namely regarding the construction of recitation dormitories for dayah darul muta'alimin. Village head explained This is a fairly large budget, the team implementing the activity must be careful, work honestly, so that there are no problems in the future. No one should be involved in corruption... This must be maintained very carefully.

Below are several documents, both regarding deliberation meetings and activities that have started to be carried out.

This is the material that will be prepared in advance for the construction of the hostel.

And this one is the excavation of the dormitory foundation which has almost been done. And later they will fill the foundation with mountain stones so that the foundation remains strong to hold the weight

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