Village Development Activities. For the Realization of a Safe Village from flooding

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This time I will show my friends about some of the Village development activities that we have carried out in the past few years. Building a Village It is our right and authority as Village Officials, where there are community needs both in infrastructure and in the economic sector. Through the Village Consultative Meeting, the community may propose what are the priorities of the village and adjust it to the budget ceiling that has been given by the government to every village in Indonesia. So that's what we carry out and we still adjust to the rules that apply in each area.

And I am here as Secretary as one of the elements of technical implementation tasked with assisting the Village Head. For the smooth running of the Village Government. And I have to be careful in carrying out these activities. As seen in the Figure below. Maybe there's a little less good in the picture I'm showing, because at that time my cellphone camera wasn't good enough so it's understandable that it looks a bit faded.
Well talk to the activities in the past year.

River Normalization Activities and Making Riverbank Taluts

Digging or slightly deepening the river also clears along the river, about 2 kilos or so. The aim is to prevent flooding, because our area is an area that often floods and even overflows, so many people's houses are submerged by floods, and installing gutters for river bank defenses, so that they don't collapse, when the water flows fast, during floods .

Rehabilitation of places of worship.

In this simple place of worship, there is a dilapidated roof that must be rehabilitated for the convenience of the people in worship, and we also repair all needs that must be repaired. Starting from the terrace of the place of worship, replacing the roof, installing a very good PVC ceiling. And this place of worship is located on the edge of the river, or next to the river normalization site discussed above.

Channel Development

This development is really needed by the community, because so far, the community has been very complaining about stagnant water in front of residents' houses when it rains. Due to the low land position in our countryside. So we made a canal with the aim of disposing of water into a fast channel, so that the residents' yards are dry and the yard looks clean...

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