The people are very angry that their land has been taken by transmigration

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In the last few weeks there have been rumors that a part of Alue Tho Village has unknowingly been included in a claim by the transmigration service, while the local people have never known about this claim. The community said that since 1980 until now we have never heard of our land being included in the transmigration site.

And this land, according to a statement from one of the people, is the result of hard work working hard to ensure that this plantation becomes our personal property, why are now plantations that are already owned by the community, which already have plants in them, be it durian trees, areca palm trees, rubber trees? , oil palm plantations and others. Now it belongs to transmigration.

This is an unreasonable problem and the people do not accept their land being taken by irresponsible parties. And from part of the community they believe there is another party acting on behalf of the local village community so that this land with an area of ​​70 thousand hectares which originally belonged to the people of Alue Tho Village, now belongs to transmigration. The community is very disappointed with this. And this will continue to be traced until we find out who the players are behind all of this.

Survey team from the location of the Transmigration Service

Here I tell you about the beginning of the emergence of the land into transmigration when the BPN arrived at the village with a program for making free land certificates. For almost two weeks they have been measuring the land of the villagers. And on the last day they measured the land to the west so that when they took the coordinates with their tools, they said that according to the results on the map, the land was included in the transmigration area in 1993.

And the land cannot be certified anymore because it collides with the rules and authority of the transmigration service, said the BPN measurement team.
Then I, as the village secretary, asked the BPN. Regarding the solution, what must be done to get this land back to the community's property and can be certified?

From the Head of BPN of the Aceh Jaya Regional National Land Agency, he told us that the only way to get the land certificated was through a permit from the Transmigration Office, because the land that was certified was included in his territorial claim.
Because I am part of the village apparatus, I want to help the community get things done quickly. Then I went directly to the Aceh Jaya District Office of Transmigration, where I explained everything to them about the complaints of the people who did not accept them.

And after hearing what I said, they came to the conclusion that they should come to the village and see directly the location that was considered to be part of the transmigration area as shown in the picture. Arriving at the location, they took a map of the location. It turned out that there was indeed land owned by the community, which had already been planted. in the transmigration area.
Here I also asked the Transmigration Office what we should do so that the land that was included in the transmigration process became the property of the community completely without any problems in the future.

They gave me an image.
The first must make an official report on the results of the deliberation by village officials on the release of the land from transmigration, stating that the land really belongs to the community which has been cultivated since 1980 and contains plants belonging to the community and not belonging to the trans.
And second, they asked me to take a photo of the community garden where there were plants, be it a durian tree or something else, as a document when they proposed land release to the Republic of Indonesia's Central BPN. And now we are still waiting for the process of filing the minutes of land release from the young transmigration, hopefully it will be completed quickly as desired.

Durian and palm trees belong to the community

Community-owned rubber plantation

Community-owned areca nut plantations

Community corn garden

Here there are no plants originating from transmigration. All of these gardens belong to their respective communities. So the picture above is as proof of the results of the work of the community and not the work of transmigration.

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