The Beauty of the Big Durian Tree

Hello my friends, I hope you are always in good health. And be a successful person always.

In the past few days, I have a lot of work to do, so I'm less active on Hive in displaying content through my posts, whether the content is less impressive or less enjoyable. But for me, something that makes me sure, so I do it.

So this time I will appear again with this extraordinary post, from the results that I took yesterday's photo at the durian plantation belonging to our villagers, and I will show all my friends who are always active in this Hive.
So yesterday. My friends and I went to the durian garden just to look for leaves to be used as medicine. After we got the medicinal leaves, my friends and I immediately went home. Suddenly before I got on the motorbike, I saw lots of tall and big durian trees which were very interesting to look at. Then I took my cellphone and opened the camera and then I took a test photo, it turned out that the results were very good and this durian tree is really very big.

This big durian tree, definitely not a new tree. But a tree that has been his pet for a long time from 1985 until now. And there are also trees that have been kept since 1998. This durian plantation is very pleasant for me, with very beautiful natural scenery, and what is even more interesting when it comes to durian fruit season. Our regional custom is that many people come from various villages around here. To enjoy sweet fruit in various forms, but the taste is really, really good. But I can't give an example because it's not yet durian season. In predictions with habits that have been carried out in previous years. And right at this moment. It is possible that in the next two months the durian trees will start to grow from the durian flower, which means that they will bear durian fruit in the next two or three months.

After I finished taking photos around the durian plantation, my friends and I, we always returned to our respective homes. Arrives at home. My mother told me to get the vegetables in the back of the house. Then I took it. Before I took it I saw the flowers of the vegetables were very beautiful, here I will also take photos as I show them below.

Thank you so much and see you next time

Greetings from @ajirdeal

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