Spending time in the plantation for me is fun

Hi friends, how are you, hopefully we will be given a long life to keep fighting in this beloved community.

On this sunny morning and also a little cloudy but still enthusiastic and in addition today is a holiday for office work, be it Civil Servants or non-Civil Servants, both from the top and bottom levels, especially in Indonesia in general. it is a day of freedom to go anywhere, it doesn't matter whether you want to go home or travel to beautiful places. But unlike me, I prefer to spend the whole day in the garden on holidays.

In the garden we can work sweating so that the body remains more enthusiastic, my activities in the garden are sometimes I give fertilizer or cut the grass so that the garden looks clean and not bushy, sometimes the garden also feels tired with work, but works in fighting for the ideals that will be achieved. come and be a successful person in the future in the economic field without having to beg to others,

I need to have an oil palm plantation of 2 hectares. I started gardening in 2019 when I started planning and preparing the land and seeds to be ready for planting. Alhamdulillah, all the oil palm plantations have been planted.

Then in 2020 to 2021 it is still under maintenance because the oil palm plantation will harvest its fruit for about 6 years, so it's because my garden has not yet reached its age, so in this current year I am still in the process of being very careful so that the results will come later. will give you great satisfaction...

Therefore, spending time on the plantation for me is fun, being able to enjoy the cool air and also the beautiful scenery will be more visible.

In the photo that I show, it is the location of an oil palm plantation. If you look at the actual results of the garden portraits there also give a pretty beautiful and interesting view, so I feel at home to always be in this garden... then when I was walking around the garden I accidentally bumped into a tree trunk that was almost the same as the fruit. eggplant. But this fruit is not an eggplant and cannot be eaten by humans.. but it looks quite interesting

Thank you so much and thank you all friends, may we always be successful in achieving our goals.

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