Repair of Damaged and Abandoned Irrigation

Activities from the past two days regarding checking shelter reservoirs that have been built since 2009, namely water reservoirs for use in
in rice fields and until now it cannot be utilized by our village community, while the cost spent is approximately 405 million, and also about irrigation development in 2019 that is not functional, aka neglected. This is very regrettable and a big loss for the village, which has spent up to 600 million Village Funds (DD). Village Funds provided by the Indonesian government, to all regions in Indonesia, from Sabang to Morocco. which aims to prosper the people in various problems both in the economic field as well as in the field of village development

Those who served as Village Head at that time, had actually built it so that it could be used as well as possible, but what made it neglected, because it is not easily accessible to the location to repair when there is damage. Day after day, in fact, it has been for years just letting it go, due to the shortage of not being able to access it by vehicle, but having to walk 2.5 kilos. considering that the location is very far away, many of the people do not want to go on foot, in the end the irrigation development was abandoned.

So, our current Head of Village, who only took office in early 2023, also invited all village officials wants to review developments that are no longer functioning and will look for ways to make breakthroughs , Build roads that can be accessed by vehicles to make it easier to repair when damage occurs.

After this review, we see that there is a lot of damage that needs to be rehabilitated, and it also costs around 80 million. Now, the village head is planning the cost of this rehabilitation taken from the Village Fund which has been given by the Indonesian government in 2023 This,

This year, the Village Head and all village officials will try to repair it so that it can function again and can be utilized by the community, especially for rice farmers who During this time in dire need of water , The target is to repair within 1 month this will be completed, as well as make the road body so that it is easy for the community when access to the location if there is damage, and there is no reason again for the community not to be able to, we will do everything as well as possible, because this is the common interest. We will remain and continue to strive according to the target that has been set

In our opinion, repairing this is a very good thing to do, especially with very beautiful natural scenery, clear and clean water. and we, will create a more beautiful scenery, and people will love the nature around them more.

Hopefully our plan will run smoothly, and will be completed quickly, quickly utilized by the community,

This is our activity, we always think together in building the village, so that our people can also be calm in carrying out their daily activities , Our role as village apparatus is to make people happy, their happiness is our happines.

That's all friends, see you again in the next post.

Greetings from @ajirdeal

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