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I missed last week's fun challenge here in @asean.hive because I forgot to post the link to my entry in the comment section Hehe! But it's ok, everybody had fun and that is more important.

Here comes another exciting challenge about the Animal Photography Challenge Week # 60 of sir @justinparke. Thank you for this fun activity and the opportunity to share our article and entry here once again. Let me also share with you my #MarketFriday here of Ma'am @dswigle. Thanks a lot!🙏

Here is my entry!


To begin with, let me show you the Carabao in the greenfield taken in the Bicol region here in my beautiful country The Philippines 🇵🇭, Carabao is known as the national animal of the country, and is also known as the water buffalo, it symbolizes hard work and perseverance, the famous character trait of the Filipino people. Carabao is used by farmers to dig the soil in the fields when modern technology is not yet discovered. But until now some of the farmers still use this as a help in their farming activities. Bicol is the province of my father. A very beautiful place there are a lot of beaches, rivers, lakes, and volcanos and almost all forms of nature can be found there.

I don't know if after some years we will going to see a natural way of farming using the Carabao or more rice fields like this, because a lot of modern structures and improvements are being done everywhere like the malls. Like in our place in San Pedro City Laguna Philippines, there were a lot of vacant places there, but now there Are so many establishments being developed, and this time the famous mall SM Supermall is about to open there, improvements are a necessity but sometimes our natural resources are being sacrificed

Like in this video when my son @czander and I visit the place I was surprised by the development of the village. I never expect that a big mall is about to rise there plus the different establishment that is now operating there. Surely no more carabaos and farms will be seen in our city..so the adjustment to modernization is the only solution.

Next is the FISHES

I captured these colorful fishes there in the floating restaurant in Bay Laguna, that restaurant is famous for its seafood delicacy. There are nipa houses huts there where the customer will dine and under the floor is the water where the school of fishes is also found. You can choose fresh fish and other seafood there, and fresh from the water they will cook it for you, plus the singing cooks and waters that will entertain you. Aside from the nature-inspired ambiance, that is truly mesmerizing. The price is right and affordable enough that even the students can go there for their meals. There are a lot of different menus with different prices, just choose the seafood of your choice. So cool and refreshing that you are comfortable eating in a place surrounded by water and the restaurant itself is floating.

Seeing the fish there was truly a very relaxing place. People are giving food to the fish, very entertaining

And at the entrance there was also an artificial animal structure. What I have here is the crocodile structure. It is so beautiful when you see it in that place.

Crocodile Structure


This is also from Bicol. I think it's a kind of Tilapia, I saw it there fresh from the river, with fishermen directly selling it at a very affordable price, so many tourists and villagers were enjoying the fresh fish and the low price too.


I took a picture of this in the kitchen hehe! A gray fish found in rice fields and cultured, I bought it for our lunch and it's alive. It keeps on jumping hehe, my son helped me to manage this fish, and a neighbor too. A very stubborn fish hehe! Good for soup just add ginger and pepper, great with coconut milk too!

I loved the color of this fish but I didn't buy that hehe. I just took a picture there in the market. This kind of fish is good for sweet and sour dishes..and steamed with tomatoes and onion in its belly is so yummy…


This prawn (Sugpo) here in our country, I took the photo at the market, is best for Sinigang (a Filipino delicacy with tamarind extract and some vegetables), also good with coconut milk, steam, or baked, it's expensive here depending on the variety. The cheapest is around 300 pesos per kilo or 6 dollars.

Another TILAPIA FINGERLINGS I captured it when we visited Filinvest City in Alabang Muntinlupa, Philippines.

At the entrance, you will see this flowing water connected to the river, situated beside the Crimson Hotel, you can see the school of fishes freely swimming and enjoying the water of course hehe! Sadly, I lost most of my photos of the place. That Crimson Hotel is a good place to stay because there the view of the Filinvest city is overlooking and easy access to everything!


Inside the Filinvest City is the Filinvest Mall connected to Landmark Mall, and there is the Pixie Forest we always stayed because of its different nature-inspired structure, you just need to pay some charge minimum of 1 dollar or 50 PHP, and this caterpillar structure was one of the attractions there. You can see more here about Filinvest City



We also have dogs and cats at home, in our compound, but I didn't include them here in my post. But you can see them in this POST of my son @czander.

Animals found in land or water, even those that fly are gifts of God for us with different purposes, some for food consumption, or like a friend or family to us, we should treat them well according to God's purpose for them. They are a blessing to me.

Always keep a beautiful smile and let God be the center of life always in Jesus' name. Amen! Please don't forget to pray!🙏

And for us to have a more jolly mood! Hehe..let me share this song about a farm since my post is about animals and natural resources! Please Sing with it all of you hehe!

Psalms 50:10-12 (KJV) For every beast of the forest is mine, and the cattle upon a thousand hills.
I know all the fowls of the mountains: and the wild beasts of the field are mine.
If I were hungry, I would not tell thee: for the world is mine, and the fulness thereof.

All photos and videos are mine
Bible verse from the Holy Bible
Music from YouTube

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