๐Ÿ“ธ A "Natural Life", Here in Cambodia - Undated about My Village ๐ŸŒด๐ŸŒด


Greetings, dear friends! Recently, during the rainy season, my village saw a lot of changes, such as flooding and an increase in lake water levels. Fortunately, two weeks later, everything has returned to its original state - the natural environment is back and there are no disasters like before. The only issue now is that some parts of the land have become too dry, as I informed you days ago; they lack water during dry seasons without rain.


Coconut trees ๐ŸŒด also the other natural elements don't seem very different in the absence of rain, except I can hear the birds singing instead. Though, I couldn't see them โ€“ just the sound.


Without their owner here, the cows are left to their own devices. It slips my mind that the local people go out to work in the mornings. Once they return home, they come to feed the cows. All I can sense when I'm here is a calm atmosphere, whether I'm with my friends or alone. I'm able to relish this peacefulness without any anxieties; even though there aren't many people around, I still find myself in a warm and welcoming environment.


Do you guys often notice that black cows have something unique in addition to their color? I don't want to generalize about how friendly cows are, as you may find something different elsewhere. But when I talk to the brown cow in my village, they seem to recognize me and display a pleasant reaction. However, when I come here often and see Nang, in the picture, he appears to not know me and shows no reaction ๐Ÿคฃ.


It's been a while since I've seen this little girl; she appears to have grown since then. Her name is lovely, which is Linda. She said she needs to ask her mom for a new bike, she's such a joker! Every time I call out to her and ask "where ya goin?". Well, it's in Khmer language. She answers with a loud "I am off to get ingredients for my Mum's lunch", then mockingly remarks that the bike is too small and won't let her move quickly.


Sometimes the children in my village can be found cycling, even when their destination is relatively close to home. Both boys and girls here love to ride bikes!


I've been reporting the news from my village often so you guys should be able to see how the lake changes day by day. The water flow is unpredictable and it's hard to measure its depth. When I first came here, the local fishermen lied to me saying it was not deep enough and that the water level would only increase by about 5 cm during the rainy season.


I was so curious and confused, even though I knew myself for everyday that I lived near Bassac River, living as a river person. When I found out the truth, which was that my left leg went in deeper than a usual swimming pool (half meter more), I wanted to hit myself for being so dumb.


I am not sure if fishing in the lake is a government-controlled activity and if there are restrictions in your region. Generally, fishing can be positive things and detrimental, but the key is to fish responsibly so that fish populations aren't at risk.

He hasn't caught any fish yet, as I haven't seen a container for them. Rivers tend to have more fish, so the majority of fishers are in rivers, while only locals go fishing alone. Personally, this is a good thing โ€“ fewer people fishing, because it means there aren't many people fishing and all the fish are waiting for one person. In my village, there's no rule about fishing, provided you don't use anything dangerous like explosives.


He was walking alone, so I asked him "what he was looking for", as if he was searching for something like food or his owners.


I was walking along, not realizing it was nearly time to go home, when I glanced up and saw the sun shining intenselyโ€”I couldn't help but stare at its beauty.


I was surprised to see another one of his siblings come and play. Not knowing their name, if I come back here later and spot them, I might call them "Kiki." Right now though, I'm in a hurry reaction to get home.

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