Very Good For Me In Agriculture

After getting a call from my close friend, then I met him at night. He wanted me to help him spray the grass between the fields he planted a few weeks ago, I agreed.

Today I returned to the rice fields, so when I saw the green fields, I really wanted to start this rice farming business. Honestly, I really like the world of agriculture, it's just that I haven't had the chance to do it yet, as I said in the post a few days ago, maybe next year I will pursue agriculture. And from today onwards I will look for money in advance for later purposes.

So today I was hired by a friend of mine, to spray some very grassy rice fields. Before spraying I have to first read the rules written on the grass poison bottle, then I do a comparison of water and grass poison medicine, so that the medicine is really effective. And after that I poured the medicine into a spray can, with a ratio of 2/3, 20 milliliters of SERENDY poison and 30 milligrams of CBA-6, this was enough to kill the grass between the rice stalks. It's a little tiring with this job, but for the sake of my friends I'm willing to do it.

Coupled with the heat of the sun makes the body's ions decrease. But I still finished this activity before noon, I managed to finish 5 cans of SOLO brand spray. My shoulders already ache from the weight of the water I'm carrying, so I have to rest for a while because my heart is heating up. I was afraid that if I continued without taking a break, I would end up overdosing, ending my life history.

About 8 minutes of rest, then I do it again until lunch time arrives, actually I can do this until it's finished, because this afternoon I didn't bring rice. Because I didn't expect it to end until noon, I happened to see on the gebuk there were instant noodles with chicken eggs, so it's also useful for holding back hunger. Therefore, I immediately proceeded to spray the grass under the hot sun. Not long after, I was called by a friend, who said that I could stop working because it was already noon. Coincidentally, the water in the jerry can was almost finished, so I quickly finished it first.

After cleaning myself, I get some water and heat it in a modern system, starting the fire using a small bamboo. It's modern in the rice fields, and it also takes a long time to boil water if you do it like this. This is a traditional system. Ha ha ha

After waiting for about 15 minutes, the water was already hot so I immediately boiled the noodles, along with the eggs, but the eggs had to take a long time to cook, so I didn't wait for them to be perfectly cooked, because my stomach was already asking for food. It looks a little amused because the eggs are undercooked and have a slightly fishy taste. But that's not a problem for me.

But it feels really excellent and satisfying for me. This is my real life, eating is not a problem at all, life is as simple as possible. Maybe God has arranged the best plan for me.
So after eating the instant noodles, I saw the kedondong fruit on the tree, then I took 2 pieces for me to eat, it's called an after-meal mouthwash.😁

It's no longer surprising for me, to see unique things while in the rice fields, one of which is the rice field snail eggs. This snail is also a pest in agriculture, but it is very difficult for farmers to get rid of these annoying animals.

Banana heart, which is almost harvest. This banana is very popular with many people because it has a sweet taste that is so delicious

The beetle that makes the rice seeds burn when the rice begins to bloom

Kanyere fruit which is very liked by various fruit-eating birds

One of these finches, is a fruit-eating bird, but unfortunately this bird is always being hunted by people looking for profit. It is very visible that their life is very romantic, because every step there is always a disaster for him

My work is also finished so I want to say goodbye from this conversation. Maybe we will meet again in the next blog . Thank you very much for those of you who have read my activity article and I also present it with some interesting pictures. May God bless our steps and goals.


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