Farming Is A Very Promising Investment

Hello hivers friends, are you all happy with the new year? I think you have done well...

For me there are no words in having fun when welcoming the new year, this makes identity less passionate when welcoming the new year. It's not that they don't celebrate New Year's, it's just that in my area there are no New Year's celebrations, just going for a walk when the New Year changes. But given the current difficult economy, I can only see people traveling.

I can only sit pensively on the terrace of the house, in my mind, how can I do a job that really has enough money. Then the wife greeted me, and she said "don't think too much about what we don't have, just enjoy and be grateful for what God has given". Hearing the words of my wife who was full of tenderness made my stamina soar. Then I rode a motorbike to go to a field which was quite far from home. That's my friend's farm.

When I arrived, I saw the rice growing so fertile, which had been planted by my best friend. Imagine, if this were mine I would really feel happy. Then my best friend approached me and he said "are you ready for farming next year" then I answered spontaneously I AM VERY READY. So I saw around his rice fields that there were various kinds of tree seeds that had been seeded in polybags, from durian seeds to mango seeds. This makes my confidence to farm even more enthusiastic.

Durian and mango seeds

What's more, the fields that he has are very cool places, and also have clean running water, basically this is very extraordinary. Then we chatted while laughing out loud because my best friend made fun of me, and said that I am a full program but the facts don't match the words. I can only laugh seeing him so happy when talking about me.

The water flow is so clean, but a little less water because these few days have been the dry season

Who doesn't feel happy when they see a field like this. You could say this is also an investment because the planting period until the harvest period is only 3 months, only when you want to grow crops like this, at least you have to save money for the material needs of caring for rice. So from now on I have to save for when I farm later. When I'm in a field like this, my heart always feels happy, as if all the burdens on my mind are gone, because here I can see what I want, especially with the very cool air.

Carambola fruit

So the thoughts I had before, all disappeared while in this place. There is no word heal in a farmer. Because farming is a very promising investment.

Chocolate fruit

Banana fruit complete with tip

Do you guys support if I do farming. I think you guys really support it. Thanks


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