ASEAN Hive Challenge: This is My Favorite Reading Book

Hello Hiver..good afternoon, how are you all today? I hope all of you are in good health and I hope you all have a nice day today.

On this occasion I again tried to follow the challenge of the ASEAN Hive Community which was initiated by justinparke. I entered "ASEAN Hive Challenge: This is My Favorite Reading Book" into the ASEAN Hive Community Challenge #27, My Favorite Books organized by my best friend @justinparke.

One source of knowledge and knowledge is books. Books are a source of various information that we need at the same time can add to our insight about various things, be it science, science, economics, social, culture, politics, and so on. By reading books, we can change the future.

Reading, whether it's a book or in any form such as newspapers, magazines, novels, ebooks is indeed a hobby that some people like and do regularly. Reading can also be done anywhere and at any time, whether at home, at work during breaks or when we are on a trip.

I personally belong to someone who likes or loves to read, and my hobby of reading has been seen since I was a child. There are many books that I have read, but in particular the books that I enjoy reading the most are about Sirah Nabawiyah, Islamic History, Science, and there is also a Manga Series Samurai-X.

Here are 3 favorite reading books that I can share and I will review a little resume for all of my friends here:

1. SIRAH NABAWIYAH is a book that contains the life story of the Prophet Muhammad SAW. Starting from the time of his birth, adolescence, his marriage to Khadijah, he was appointed by Allah SWT to become an Apostle to preach Islam to all corners of the world until his death after being perfected by Allah. This book is phenomenal because the figure of the Prophet Muhammad is a charm of all time.

2. TANBIHUL GHAFILIN is a book that contains guidelines for a Muslim to be a good human being, pious and pious to Allah SWT. There are many virtues of worship described in this book as well as prohibitions that must be abandoned by a Muslim, as well as ways a Muslim repents when he has sinned.

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3. SAMURAI X is a manga novel that tells the story of Kenshin Himura aka Hitokiri Battousai, a swordsman and assassin who lived in the Meiji era. He had many victories in battle and witnessed quite a number of tragedies. Kenshin finally decided to retire from his world as an assassin and try to live a peaceful life. However, swordsmen who know Kenshin's past keep popping up around him and drag him into new problems or conflicts.

Now specifically for this Samurai X novel, I don't have the novel anymore. my friend borrowed it for a long time, and he never returned it. I also never met my friend again, it was reported that he had moved out of the area.

Reading is an activity that is beneficial for the human brain, adds insight, improves memory, increases vocabulary so as to facilitate communication skills.

Reading is a fun activity that can add insight. But there are times when someone who, because of his busy life, feels it takes a long time to months to finish just one book title. Therefore, make this reading activity as a hobby or as a means of entertainment to support our learning activities. That way, it can be ensured that people who initially don't like reading, will slowly start to grow their interest in reading books.

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