I have created my first NFT just because it is free.

Laste weekend I started studying beatmaking for music production (I know nothing, just started) and made a beat, not to sound good but to show what I have learned.

I am also starting to study about NFTs. I found it disappointing that Hive is a free blockchain, with free transactions, but the two platforms we have for NFTs you have to pay to mint...

So I did some quick research and found OpenSea. I have just learned about it but found it can mint NFTs on Polygon (MATIC) for free, as Polygon has no fees (apparently?!) and is easy to use as it is a fork of Ethereum, but faster and cheaper and works as a sidechain.

So I minted 10 copies of my song as an NFT and you can see it here:

Not for sale (yet and maybe, still learning)


I just wish Hive NFT markets were cheaper, like, cheap to the point I wouldn't think twice before minting and listing there!

I obviously have low expectations, but it is good that I am learning how to mint and sell NFTs. I expect that within a few months or years I become good at producing music and be able to have a hobby that doubles as a side source of income.

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