My Home Terrace Garden #2 | Growing Radish From Seeds

Namaste to all #Hive gardeners and #Nature lovers. 🙏🏼

Once again I have come to share with you all some new plants and their growth from my home terrace garden.
About 10-12 days ago a sudden thought came to my mind that why not grow some seasonal vegetables again this time. So I bought carrot, white radish, pumpkin, and beetroot seeds from an offline shop, and prepared to sow carrot and radish seeds. In today's blog I will tell you only about sowing of radish seeds because the carrot seeds have not yet germinated properly.

In the picture above you can see the soil to which I have not added anything special. I'm telling you this so you can understand how easy it is to grow your own vegetables. So I have prepared this soil by mixing normal farm soil, coco peat, sand, and cow dung manure in almost equal quantities.

After that, they are sown in 2 pots, about 12 inch size, at a depth of 1 inch, and at a distance of about 3 inches. As you can see in the image I have put 2 seeds in each pit because I don't know how their germination would be so I did this in the hope of getting at least one plant from each pit. And to be honest, the distance between each plant should have been at least 4-5 Inch, but I was not aware of this at that time. Anyways,

Thankfully, all the seeds I sowed germinated in just 3 days.

Hopefully you can spot them peeking out from the blanket of soil in the image above.

See, I had sown 2 seeds in each pit and both the seeds from each pit have crossed the first important stage of their journey and are standing proudly out of the soil sheet. In the images above you can see the growth of 7 days from sowing the seeds.

Now after enjoying the germination of all these, I realized that for their further journey, I will have to separate them because each plant has to produce one radish and I have sown them in a pot where there is already shortage of space. So if I don't separate these plants, none of them will be able to grow properly, which neither they nor I will like.

Therefore, I separated one plant from each pair and sowed them in another big pot. Which you can understand by looking at the image above. And after separating them, I saw a distinct increase in their growth. Due to which I was convinced that they were not able to grow properly by staying in one place. A total of 10 days have passed since the seeds were sown till the image above.

These are the plants which were sown from seeds in the same soil at this place.

And these are the plants which after growing a little, were separated and planted in another pot here.

A total of 12 days have passed since the seeds were sown till the image above.

And after separating these plants, I noticed one more thing which you must have also understood that the growth of the plants which were kept at their original place is looking almost twice as good, but the plants which were separated from their original place and planted at another place. It appears to have barely increased in the last 2 days. Which you can understand by looking at the image above.

This one thing I have noticed before that when plants are removed from their original place, their growth rate slows down. Because it takes time for them to adapt to a new place and accept the new soil as their home.

Isn't this is exactly like our life?

It takes time for us to connect with new people in a new place and because of that sometimes our development also slows down. 😊

Thankyou for being with me on this journey of my home garden.
मेरी बगिया के सफर पर मेरे साथ बने रहने के लिए आपका धन्यवाद। 🙏🏼

Hope you enjoyed it!

That's all for today.
आज के लिए बस इतना ही।

All the above photos are of my home terrace garden and were taken with my OnePlus phone.

Stay Happy and Blessed! 🙏🏼

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