Let the gardening begin 🌻


Welcome to my first garden post of the year! 🌻🌞 Not anything in the garden yet and the fence still needs repaired due to a tree that fell in a winter storm.

Ice on lake

The local lake is still iced over and its kinda snowing out right now so spring is still not here. In fact, it will be at least a month before we put plants outside in the ground.


But that doesn't mean we can't get started. I pushed the back up generator out of the way and moved over the snow blower to make some room 😏

Boiler room

I start almost all my plants from seed. Our boiler room stays about 70F so its the perfect place to sprout seeds. I added the shelves last year for more working space.


I recycle and re-use a lot of containers and supplies.

Grow lights

My favorite are the plastic egg containers that can be closed to keep humidity in for sprouting then opened up as the plants get started. These nasturtium have graduated out of the boiler room into the garage and under the grow lights.

Booster chairs

I can move the grow lights up and down but its easier just to boost up the smaller plants 😊

Pumpkin first real leaf

My first real leaf on one of the pumpkin seedlings! It so exciting to be started on this years garden. Honestly, I think I start from seeds because I can't wait until its warm enough to plant outside 🤣

Here's to a great season everyone 🥂

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