Bug Destroy My Bitter Gourd !

Sometimes even the worst things could have a beautiful imprint on our mind. And this is what exactly happened to my little bitter gourd plant. What used to be a Green is now turned into a faded with the leafes completely destroying self.


At first sight, it looked to be like the green is fading away, however one closer look I noticed the little yellow bugs that were destroying the plant.


Last few years I developed a good liking for Bitter gourd. A green vegetable that is good for controlling body sugar level and at same times helps in keeping healthy stomach. Bit bitter in tastes but once fried it tastes far better and turned into a crispy chips.
Last year I had a good produces at home, but this year I have been facing many issue. In my last post, it was not growing gully and started to ripe way to early. But now to my other plant, a new bug attacked whi h slowly destroying the plant.


To give it a support to grow, I planted the seeds along the hibiscus plant. It grown well and also showing good sign of production with many flowers blooming on it. But suddenly it's leafes started to fade away and I noticed half eaten and dried up leafes all along the plant. Only to find the Yellow Bugs.


This is also the first time I noticed this kind of bug. Yellow in olour and quite spiky on its body. Being a leaf eater it doesn't seems to be poisonous. But I was afraid of its hair. Which looked to be hard and spiky.

These bugs were all over the plant and only eating the leafes of the Bitter Gourd plant. It was no where on the Hibiscus plant.


If we look closely, then we might observe that, these bugs were only eating the Green part from the leaves , leaving away all the soft gray material that form the structure of the leafes. Also it was not completelly destroying the plant. It was like half eaten leafes.







It took me time to notice these bugs and now they were in good number all over the plant. Hard to remove one by one. It needed to be uprooted completelly. However the nature ploy does give some good imprint for the photography.

I never seen the plant leafes as beautiful as these half eaten leftover. Though I do have a grudge of not enjoying my favourite dishes. But yes good to see the yellow bugs were having a Fiesta on my terrace. The plant is completelly destroyed now. Hope to get some next year, to relish my meal.


Namaste @steemflow

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