Grow Mung Beans Sprout at home


Hi everyone here in Hive Garden!
This is my first post here in the community, I would like to briefly introduce myself. I'm Rodylina from Philippines, I'm a housewife and mom of two daughters. I joined this community because I really love growing plants. When I was younger I used to help my grandparents to plant some vegetables like string beans, water spinach, and others like peanuts, ginger, taro and sweet potato. We also have a small garden of roses, daisy and orchids. Since I have my own family and we moved to the city it's not easy to plant like before unless you have a yard in your house but in my case I can only plant on pots. Sometimes I regrow onion spring and grow mung beans at home.

I would like to share how I grow our favorite mung bean sprout.

I used 1/2 Cup of mung beans, wash it and remove dirt specially the brown colored mung beans because it will spoil the growing mung means later.

I used a steamer layer with the wholes at the bottom, placed some kitchen tissue then spread the mung beans. Water it and drain excess water. Cover it with cloth and store in a dark place.

After 24 hours it will become like this. We must water it twice a day and drink excess water.

After 36 Hours.

After 48 hours.

I harvest it after 48 hours, wash it and remove the green seed coat. You must drain the excess water and you can put this in plastic and store inside your fridge together with the other vegetables or cook it immediately.

If you want to have a longer sprout you can harvest it after another 24 hours. Freshly harvest mung beans sprout is so deliciously and healthy to cook.

Thank you guys for all your support,
and for inviting me in this community. Spread Love and let's all stay safe. See you again to my next blog.


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