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Wow, here is my comment in answer to the question:👇

If you don't celebrate Christmas nor acknowledge it, what does this time of year mean for you in the garden?

To me thid time of the year is quite fulfilling and fun although I don't participate in Christmas celebration.

Since we've switched over to the dry season where there is less or no rainfall, all I do spend time watering my plants especially the tender ones.

I devote much time to uprooting weeds from my garden, I do not want the unwanted plants to choke the growth of my crops nor share it's nutrients hence I'm always busy in my garden

While others will be busy making festive decorations in their gardens, I've made plans to fence my garden round with bamboo sticks and twine ropes to help secure it from animals like chicken and cattles which are very rampant over here.

It is said that a stitch in time saves nine, I really do want a bountiful harvest, hence I've gotten some fertilizers through mom's help and I'll be applying them anytime I'm free, I'm quite sure I'll do have a lovely time in my garden this season just as others will

my fresh pepper garden

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