My garden weeding machine!

Have you ever had a problem, and thought, let me try something a bit different for a solution. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. Well, I did that in my garden and was pleased with the results.

The problem - weeds

My lawn has a clover like weed in it, and its starting to spread and take over. Many would say, no problem just give it some selective weed-killer, and it will attack the broad leaf clover, but not the grass.

Second problem - Chickens

I can't use weed killer because I am afraid of my chickens grazing on the grass and I am sure that wont be good for it.

So what did I try?

I also have a rabbit, and the rabbit loves grass, so I moved its outdoor pen to the problem area.

To my surprise, the rabbit loved the clover more than the grass, so I had my own selective weeding machine.

The results

After only one day I was amazed at how different inside and outside the pen was. you can see in the photo, its clearly obvious what a great job the rabbit did weeding my lawn.

Do you have any good ideas for removing weeds out of the lawn without weed killer? comment below

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