Killing time is not an accurate word to explain how it feels to spend time in the garden. When you wake up before you'll do the things you are required to do. Leave everything first and enjoy the time taking care of that small garden or big. You may have jobs with a specific time to be in time. It's no harm to feel free first from everything because of the garden.

If you have a vacant lot or space like a backyard. You can use it to create a garden. Either flowers, plants, or vegetables. It's up to you to decide what you want to plant. What's more important is you can have a garden to take care of which will be beneficial for you in many ways. It might feel like an escape route activity but it will be good for you.

Things you should be aware of how gardening helps you in many ways.

It will help you to relax.
It will provide you with a healthier environment.
It will provide you with healthy food if you're planting vegetables.
It helps your body to provide sweat because of an activity.
It will help you to take a break or pause from what you've been thinking because of diverting your thoughts in the garden.

There are still so many ways if you'll just try gardening. However, if you're still unsure what kind of plants you want to plant. Or maybe you'd prefer vegetables rather than flowers because you're hoping to have food instead of a flowering lifestyle. I have in mind what kind of vegetables most people here planted in their gardens.
Ladies' fingers
Bitter gourd
Malunggay or Moringa

Those vegetable plants above are mostly found in the houses here that have gardens. Though they have reasons why they decided to plant these vegetables. The reasons are simple: it's easy to grow and bear vegetable fruits; it's the common vegetable in every household cook; it bears fruits a lot that can be sold to their neighbors; of course, it's healthier and has a good taste.

Just imagine there's nothing you can do during the morning and afternoon. Yes, you are busy with your jobs or whatever it is. There's always spare time to use and instead of hurting your body more by staying at home and using gadgets. Why not use that free time to grow plants or to take care of a garden. In that way, you can forget or take a pause from everything that worries you. You can make that happen by letting yourself enjoy the feeling of growing plants.

Despite the stressful lifestyle you have because of work. A Garden helps you to relieve it all and you will not understand but you will feel a bit lighter inside. Your face will not be that frowned like an old person but like a young one because of being free from worries. You will always feel fresh because you're enjoying the time and at the same feel delighted with how the plants look. Not to forget that we will be happy seeing plants showing magnificent beauty.

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