Got Small Space? Check out my Container Garden.......Hive Garden Challenge - May 2022


I never had problems with small spaces. In my former house with a garden , I only planted my veggies on the top terrace and I even used the roof to place my lettuce since there was more light and sun. My problem in the former garden was the slugs, so they never reached my top terrace. In the new flat, I only have a balcony,and it does not stop me from planting my veggies. Small space? Not a problem! I have a container garden and it's where I plant my tomatoes and others.


For this season, I had a wooden trellis installed so that the honeysuckle "Lonicera" could grow upwards as well as the cuke vine below, and could have something to hold onto.

This cuke is the short type. I used to harvest many in the past,,,they are lovely to see when the fruits are growing in clusters.

This sweet potato will soon have leaves and I am anxious to see how tall they can grow. We used its leaves for soups.

The flower of this blackberry (Black Satin) variety is very pretty, there are now more buds coming out. The one thing I love in this bush plant is they do not have the thorns and so it is easy to care. I planted this end of Summer last year. I am eager to see the first berry.

This one here is the flower of the raspberry and this shrub had been a plant newbie from my old shrub


I am used to planting lettuce in containers. The only thing I am so concerned about is the weather because we are already entering the 2nd week of May and it is still cold at night. My other herbs like the Basil and oregano suffered from almost freezing temps. I hope they will recover.


This Fennel here is experimental. I just soak it in water and see whether it will grow roots. On its lower side, some new leaves are now coming out. When roots develop, I need to transfer it to a pot. The lettuce also suffered from the cold weather, but I think they will make it.



The herbs have also recovered, on top is the oregano which has doubled in size and with huge leaves, this used to be so tiny when I got its pot 8 weeks ago.

The celery below is in its 2nd season and I never thought that it would grow again. It survived the winter and I was excited to see when some new leaves came out. I also have the rosemary and sometimes I pick some sprigs to spice the grilled meat.


Lastly, I have the young onions below...I only cut the leaves to garnish the salad, they would still grow but not as healthy as in this pic... the bulbs also become smaller, so I just discard them.



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GIF by @gremayo

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