Our garden which is gradually flourishing.

Hi garden lovers,

Greetings from Sri Lanka. I believe everything are OK for you right now. It has been more than a month since we have not been able to update about the cultivation activities in our garden. During that more than a month, some of the plants in our garden were harvested and destroyed, but other plants continued to grow. Due to the current inflationary situation and high cost, I approve of planting in a garden as a more suitable activity because it makes it possible to use one's money more successfully. Due to the chemical fertilizers used on some vegetables and fruits, we are not able to get nutritious and fresh vegetables and fruits suitable for eating from the market. Therefore, growing in a garden is one of the most successful ways to improve health. It should be mentioned that dedication and care should be given properly in cultivation. Without that, there is no point in hoping to get a successful harvest from a plantation.


Some tomato seeds were planted in some parts of our garden last term. After those tomatoes become seeds and plants, the yield is growing by taking proper care and taking necessary measures against pest damage. These tomatoes, which are currently green in color, are small, and will slightly enlarge and turn yellow.



Tomato plants can be mixed with other crops and there is no problem. But the growth of tomato cultivation is likely to be slightly hindered. It should be taken care of. The tomato plant is not very strong, so it bends down when it bears fruit. Therefore, as a necessary step, the branches of the tomato plant can be tied to a separate strong stick planted in the ground. These days all the tomato plants in our garden are flowering and ready to bear fruit. We are more than happy about it.


Winged beans, a protein-rich vegetable grown on vines, yielded abundantly last month, so we gave the surplus to neighbors and relatives. Fruiting at any time of the year, winged beans sprout and grow as vines after planting, so they can be spread between trees. Plant growth does not require much care, but after flowering should be protected from parrots. The last crop of winged beans vines are now dead, so new plants are being planted now.


Mukunuwenna plant, a type of leaf that can be used as salad and malluma, has also been grown in our garden. The greener tops are the more nutritious plants. Apart from this, you can also see Mukunuwenna plants with a reddish color. These plants grow in places with high water circulation. Therefore, water should be provided properly in order to grow these plants even in places with poor water circulation. If these leaves are boiled and eaten, they should not be boiled too much because the nutritional properties will be damaged.



In our garden, we also have tree spinach, which is the same type of spinach that is high in iron, but is not used much for food. Although the trees are called spinach, they do not grow very large. Although a type of spinach, tree spinach does not have much nutritional value. However, those plants are growing well in our garden.



We have a few small plants of spinach growing in our garden right now that are spreading like vines. My mother applies a small amount of compost to these plants in order to obtain freshness and nutritional value. It is a type of leaf that can be used as a high-priced vegetable in the market, which can be cultivated by planting branches just like spinach seeds.


Adding a green leaf to the daily diet of Sri Lankan citizens has been around since ancient times. It is not wrong to do so as eating more nutritious food is an essential factor for achieving good health. Even in the small space available, my parents work hard to make beds and grow plants.


Any kind of plants can be planted in any small garden. By eating natural substances free of those chemical fertilizers, there is an opportunity to create a more favorable condition for health. Any small crop has many health benefits. These crops have nutritional properties to fight many diseases. You can see how my parents have grown many plants by planting chili seeds in a small pot. They can be taken apart and from places after they get a little bigger.


Small cassava plants are harvested after about six months. Care should be given to it. But in many places it grows well and gives fruit without any care. There are only a few small cassava plants in our garden.



Recently, we can see how pepper vines are spreading very well in our small garden. At the same time, flowers and pods can be seen on some pepper branches. But these pods will take some time to mature. Pepper pods are matured and then separated and dried. It is a different process. However, pepper cultivation can be used for home consumption as well as economic profit.




In our garden we have planted several long bean plants, another characteristic vegetable that grows as vines. Long bean seeds are planted in the ground and then transplanted. It was a matter of happiness for all of us that red long beans were yielding this year.





We don't buy green chillies from the market these days as the plants also bear fruit in varieties of chillies in different shapes, colors and flavours. It is a reason for us to save money. These chili plants have a high chance of being destroyed by insects and ants, so they must be constantly monitored.



Lasia is another useful potato which is growing our land very nearest to the well. It's faster growing plant in muddy areas. I think you will get good idea how our garden's grwoing. You can aslo use small spaces of your land for corps cultivation.

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