Garden Journal Update: New Year Harvest

Hello Fellow Earth Diggers!

In January, it's way too late to start planting anything, so I have packed all the seeds away and have started harvesting what my garden has gifted me. It's not too much, but I enjoyed looking after the plants while they grew.

I am loving my blueberry more and more every time I go outside and enjoy a few berries. We were away for a few days, and when I returned I was able to harvest a small bowl worth of the tart fruit. Yes, I like to pick them up a little early as I am not a huge fan are sweet berries. Turns out I'm not the only one.

Ghost Nomming
Even Ghost loves blueberries, and happily took to grabbing one when I offered. She did, however, leave the skin after she was done. Good thing our new couch is a dark colour and so was my pants!

Finally we have my two cucumbers. I will need to figure out a way to grow more vines as I only managed to get two fruit. Likely this is due to the heat, not enough pollinators, and not enough female flowers in comparison to male. Right now, these guys are chilling in the fridge, as they will be pickled a little later today. I can't wait.

Future Plans

As of right now, there are no plans other to water my plants and make sure they're thriving. When the weather starts to cool round about March, I'll make an effort to get my radishes growing again. After I clean up the issues I have with cut worm.

But until then, everyone enjoy their gardens, and I'll see you all when I do the pickling of these amazing cucumbers!

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