Tent Update: #5gallonchallenge


What's up Weed Nerds! Still going strong. But let's be real, these plants basically grow themselves. I am just here making sure they have what they need, and then some. However I will have to intervene some more, and manipulate the branches, do some "lollipopping", and some defoliation to get these gals ready for flower. Which I believe I will make that switch to a 12/12 this weekend. Before I do all that is required, I will spray with some Green Cleaner. You never can be to sure, especially when you have a packed room.

All strains are photo periods

  • 2 phenos of Rainbow Chip from Exotic Genetix
  • 2 phenos of Dirty Little Secret from Exotic Genetix
  • 3 phenos of Helena x PBB from @bifbeans
  • 2 Big Mack F2 phenos from Me
  • 1 Big Mack F1 clone from Santa Cruz Cannabis Co.
  • 1 BMX from me(Back cross of Mac and Cheese x(Banana Punch X Mac and Cheese AKA: The Big Mack)

I am running a 20/4 light cycle, and keeping humidity between 56-62%. My 600 Watt LED from Kingbright is at 40% power. Which btw I love this light! A great bar style entry light. It can get a little warm when its at full power, but no where near a HPS. As long as you have proper airflow, and ventilation your good to go.

My #5gallonchallenge contender is a Helena x PBB bred by Jat, of BifBeans. I am falling in love with this strain from the vigor it is displaying, and the strong thick branches. It is even looking better then the Seeds from Exotic Genetix. Which if your not familiar, are some of the best in the game. Or at least have some of the biggest following, and is the most famous. Rightfully so though, they have spit out some of the hottest strains of today. Which is why I am very excited to see how the Rainbow Chip, and Dirty Little Secret turns out.

The #5galloncontender is somewhere in there

So as of today I still have not gave these gals a feeding of NPK. Only Cal/Mag, Mammoth P, a Rhizo Blast, and a Silica feeding. When I get home today I will start to bubble, and mix some nute mix to give them a good high N feeding before the flip. It is about due.

The Big Mack

Honestly I have had some bad luck with these at the start. I fucked up and made a to strong of a IPM solution. However they have rebounded nice. SO happy I have others growing these out, and doing a killer job! Shout out to @davedickeyyall, @Relaylogix, @Cannabisius, @zerga, @loonatic, and @WesPhilbin for growing these out!

My Big Mack is short and stout. I am loving the spacing of the Nodes. Nothing super spectacular is sticking out so far, but honestly I am to busy to really notice much. We will se once flower starts.

I still have extra seeds if anyone wants to take a shot at growing. SilverMac, The Big Mack, and BMX. Which reminds me, @HappyFrog420-new, dude I will send your care package ASAP. Silvermac is Weedcash's first exclusive strain. But has received the same amount as excitement surrounding the tribe itself. LOL Really what is going on? Does something have to be new to get people mad excited in the crypto world? Archon was hot a few months ago, and now it's Proofofbrian. What will be next? How about we make it Weedcash again? Asking for a friend....



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