When Vegetables Are Ready To Harvest - Hydroponic Journal #21


Hello everyone and all members of Hive Garden Community, how are you today? I hope that all of us are always given health and happiness in carrying out any work or activities that we are doing. In ten days, we will enter April and leave March. I am lucky because I was born and live in Indonesia. Indonesia is a country traversed by the equator and only has two weather conditions, namely rainy and dry. Besides that our country is surrounded by volcanoes and makes it very fertile.

As usual, every Monday I always write about my development and my activities in growing vegetables using the hydroponic system. Hydroponic system is a way of growing vegetables using water media. This method is considered cleaner, and optimal in the conventional way. Hydroponic does not need to use a lot of energy and workers but needs attention in several things, such as sunlight, ab-mix nutrition, and tds meter. Okay, this time I want to share my story.

Pakchoy Development




Pakchoy is a popular vegetable to grow in hydroponic systems. Pakchoy has a bright green color and is very beautiful to grow. In addition, this vegetable has a delicious taste and is loved by many people. Many hydroponic farmers grow this vegetable because it has a good selling value.

The pakchoy that I planted was about 28 days after sowing. The growth of this vegetable is very batik and optimal. I still use liquid fertilizer with a concentration of 1000-1100 ppm and the growth is still very good. Of the 500 pakchoy that I planted, there were about 24 holes that had problems. Some have growth retardation, and there are some leaves that are slightly burnt because the weather is quite hot for now.



I plan to harvest all these pakchoy on Tuesday and I have also prepared several hundred pakchoy seeds for me to replant. Preparing replacement seeds is the most important part, because after harvesting the fertilizer water remaining in the hydroponic media can still be reused.



Kangkong Condition March 18, 2022

Post-harvest situation March 19, 2022

Kangkong is a popular green vegetable and is often consumed by many countries in Asia and Southeast Asia. The growth of this vegetable is very fast and only takes about 15-18 days to be harvested. The growth of this vegetable is quite good and grows uniformly. I tried kangkong seeds from different brands.

Water spinach is a type of water spinach that is commonly used for hydroponic systems. Because the habitat of water kangkong grows in swamps and lakes. So, it is very suitable to be planted hydroponically. I have harvested all my kangkong this week, I get about 10 kg and sell it to one of the hydroponic vegetable agents in my city.




This week, I also transferred about 200 lettuce seeds to hydroponic media. I grow lettuce on the second floor balcony, lettuce is a unique vegetable, because this vegetable cannot be exposed to heat but still needs sun to grow. Lettuce grows and thrives in cold climates such as hills or mountains. If you want to grow lettuce in the lowlands, you can follow my tips. Like reducing sunlight by making a reflection of the shadow.

Lettuce uses a fertilizer solution with a concentration of about 600-800 ppm. This is what distinguishes it from other vegetables, when we grow lettuce in a hydroponic system we cannot grow it side by side with other vegetables. In general, other vegetables need around 100-1400 ppm to develop and grow optimally.

Sweet Mustard


I planted about 60 planting holes of this vegetable. Just like pakchoy, sweet mustard also requires liquid fertilizer with a concentration of 1000-1400 ppm. I grow these vegetables for family consumption. I really like noodles or ramen, and these vegetables are the perfect combination for noodles. Sweet mustard has a unique taste, usually some vegetables have a bitter taste but this vegetable has a sweet taste and is crunchy enough to eat.

Mint leaves



In last week's post, I talked about the condition of my mint leaves which were damaged a lot and had to be replanted. Therefore, I did a replant and also cleaned some dirt in this pipe installation.

It took about 3 weeks, to be able to get these mint leaves and harvested in the future. I was forced to refuse and apologize to some of my subscribers. Hopefully the mint leaves will grow quickly and I can harvest them in the future.

Okay, this is my story this time. Hope you all can get new information and knowledge after reading this post.

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I have expertise dispensing coffee with a variety of techniques and tools brewing, because I have the desire to make a coffee shop with hydroponics as centerpieces. Help me realize that dream.

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