Health Benefits Of Plantain (unripped/riped)

Hai everybody in this community, how are you doing, 🤣, I'm happy to be here, this is my first post here, thank you. As we all know, deficiency of any nutrients and vitamins in our body can cause diseases or some times death, weakness of the body to function well.
This is why we are encouraged or advised by our doctors or medical experts to eat right. Eating good and quality foods to provide and refill whatever we are lacking or have lost totally from our system either by growing older in age or as a result of sicknesses deseases one might have gone through.

Iron deficiency in the body leads to lots of sicknesses. How can we then keep our health in a perfect order ?, i think just by eating right. Here i want to discuss with us about plantain, both the health benefits, vitamins and the nutritional values embedded into plantain by God and by nature for our balance living. Do you want to know this hidden secrets?,
Just follow me to unleash the potentials hidden in unriped plantains, you are welcome 😁.

  • What is plantain plantain is a generally known food that has over 370 species all around the world. The botanical name for plantain is plantago lanceolata. Plantain tree bears the edibles from it's tree as you can see them on the trees in this pictures i captured with my tecno phone all through this post.

Twin bunch

There are the riped and the unriped types depending on the one you like most. This particular plantain tree in the picture up here has a twin bunches from one tree, it's amazing 🤩. In this conversation I'm going to center my discussions on the unripened plantain. Which has so many health benefits, more than the ripped types. The unriped plantain contains no sugar or glucose, it's a very good meal for diabetic patients, its cholesterol free, glucose free, and has so many many other benefits as I'm going to list them out soon. Plantain has natural iron and we know the beauty and importance of iron in our bodies, in the borns or on our skin, did you know, the presence of iron boosts our immune system, keeps our heart healthy and makes our bone strong?.

  • The health benefits of unriped plantain
    It's a known fact that we are what we eat, longevity begins from what we eat and how we take good care of our body in general.God has so designed life that every age bracket has their allocated food types, that is why some times those who has violated the instructions suffer series of sicknesses, attacks and diseases, some maybe able to cure themselves while some others die suffering from the afflictions.

It's therefore a good and wise decision for us to stick permanently on the food and their calorie intakes at our age brackets and age descriptions so that we can live a healthy and fulfilled lives. Eating right is the secret of longevity, sickness free life which helps to have a fulfilled living. Below are the lists of the health benefits of unripened plantain, i will also talk about the health benefits of the ripped plantain.

Health benefits of unripened plantain

  1. Eating unriped plantain Increases our immune system.
  2. Energies the body functions
  3. Adds iron into the bones.
  4. Boosts and increases brain functions.
  5. Lowers cholesterol in the body.
  6. Keeps the heart healthy.
  7. The presence of iron in unripe plantain gives strength to our body.
  8. It smoothens the skin and makes it firm.
  9. The ingredients in plantain removes wrinkles from
    the body.
  10. The presence of iron in plantain builds bone structure thereby removing ostoporases.
  11. Eating unripened plantains reduces high glucose from our bodies.

The deficiency of all these health benefits leads to body weakness, wrinkles, bone fractures, regular sicknesses, diabetes and when totally lacking in the body is deserstrous and the presence of all these boosts the body structure, making it look healthy, the skin looking glamourus, our strength unabated, it keeps you looking younger than your age. These benefits are the building factors and preservative elements to the body and that of our lives.

  • Increases the immune system
    Immune system in our body is known to be the balancing ability of the body, its very important for our immune system to be in conformity with the body structure as it has been from the origin, therefore one should make a conscious efforts to eat unripe plantain once in awhile, despite it's almost thirstlessness, what i mean here is that unriped plantain has little or no thirst.

  • Energies the body functions
    Humbeings labour on daily basis, it's therefore wise to eat what will energise the body, wisdom they say, "is knowing what to do, understandstanding is doing it, and right on time,,

  • Adds iron into the bones
    The body bones as i said earlier are the major structure carrier and protector of the whole body, maintenance of the bones by just eating unripe plantain once in awhile is not a hard demand. It add to the healthiness of your bones building a healthy body structure that makes your body structure firm.

  • *Boosts and increases brain functions"
    Lively brain is a complete life, people are known and separated by their ique, people are not the same, brain and wisdom separates one from another, boost up your brain activities to stand out from the crowd by just eating unripened plantin.

  • Lowers cholesterol in the body
    Due to lack of glucose in the unripe plantain, it's automatically perfect in lowering body glucose.
    This is why unripe plantain is the best meal for diabetic patients.

  • Nutritional values and benefits of unripened plantain
    Fiber : the unriped plantain has so much fiber embedded in it by nature, eating it makes you acquire these free gift from God, to compliment your body perfectly.

Unripened plantain contains vitamins A, B, , and B-6
These are naturally there for our healthy lives and living.

Magnesium is also found in unriped plaintain thereby making it a complete food for both young and old in the family, try eating them with your family members.
Potassium is found in unripened plantain, thereby making it the suiteable as a needed meal to all the family.

  • Ripped plantains and their benefits
    Some people do prefer the riped plantain, i would like now to say few things about the riped plantain. Riped plantains are the ones you have allowed to ripe from the time of harvest or it may ripe right from the tree before harvesting. There are many ways to eat them, you can cut and fry in hot vegetable oil as seen in one of these pictures, you can also peel off the back, cut and cook together with beans add ingredients, it's a great meal for the family. The riped plantain has sweet taste that's why many people prefer ripped to unripped, diabetic patients can't eat riped plantains because it add more glucose to their body which they supposed to avoid.

All pictures here were taken by me with my phone Tecno spark 8p.
Thank you everybody, for making out time to read and get the benefits we have in unripened plantain.
More of such will be coming from me stay tuned to read and learn more from my up coming posts in #hivegarden a place to be.

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