June Garden Journal Challenge!June updates

Hello, all hive gardeners greetings. here is my June update.
Still some seeds inside the ground. Not exactly our gardens are in the bloom. ya, ya lots of flowers around blooming. but for most vegetables, we have to wait.
These are the late spring flowers Columbine everywhere as well as in our garden has three different colors. light pinkish, blue, and yellow with pink petals. I like this yellow more. very elegant looking.
The bleeding heart I don't understand why it is called bleeding heart It should be the nector-dropping heart. The nice cute flowers

This photo has been taken at the end of May. the lilac flowers are gone now. And new blossom for lupine and those white feathery flowers I don't know the name of that. If somebody knows, please I will like to know the name.
This cherry tree surprisingly makes changes just flower to berries very faster.
Lots of small birds enjoying with their feed and are all-time noisy.

The Iris flowers come out just yesterday. they are very pretty looking on the bed of mint. from a long distance very attractive.

look at this guy going around in the garden without fear. nice friendly animal hedgehog we have many living around they eat our pumpkin seeds. But it is ok.

After getting into trouble with brown snails we discard our strawberry plants.
But now we have these wild strawberry plants growing all over and stared these nice cut flowers. Now started small berries.

My tomato plants are growing and need some pruning and extra care.

I tried some when I got time from my work. using the compost we made some egg shells.

Made some easy irrigation systems to keep them moist.
It works fine 1 litter carton going still for 5 days with dripping slowly.
Here is the procedure;
Used an empty 1-liter milk carton
few elastic bands
some n strong thread or string
one cotton bud

First took the cotton from the cotton bud. bendt it in V shape. Make a hole in the top part of the carton. insert the V-shaped straw into the hole.
using some elastic bands to make it an appropriate angle. tied with strong string or thread according to the plant hang it where need the drip.
It is working fine.
today I have seen first sugar pea flower. lots of mustard greens rockets are ready for use in salads.
After 15 days our red current should start turning red. Lots of aphids are sucking the juice from new leaves.

Potatoes are in the ground.

Thank you 🙏 this is my journal for June. see you soon.

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