A Little Bit of Housekeeping: Establishing Community Guidelines

Dear green thumbs, fingers and toes, flower kissers and bee whispering Gardeners of Hive - it's time for a little bit of housekeeping in the community!


As our community grows, fertilised by growing rewards and community engagement, we're getting more and more posts in the community, which is fantastic.

We'll always upvote and reblog the best content here and support you through opportunities to join in challenges and engagement initiatives.

However, as we grow, we need to establish a few guidelines to make the Hive Garden experience enjoyable for both you and the curators.

We've updated the rules in the community, but let's clear a few things up.

English Language - Only?

Actually, this was the simplest way to say it, but we're not actually against dual language.

We totally love the global Hive and reading about gardens from all over the world.

BUT we're against spending too much time reading and deciphering content that can be super messy if you are trying to get things across in both languages. Some big curators won't even vote on content that doesn't have English so this is also something to keep in mind.

Some of the old time users here do it really well and make our lives easier, so if we don't mute their posts, it's because they are easier to read.

So, how do you do that?

Firstly, make sure the title is English only. You can write a title in your own language in the short preview description if you like.

Secondly, write the whole post in English first - you can then write your own language if you like. That means the curators don't have to scroll down to find the curation. Yes, we can use the translate tool BUT you must understand we are all time poor so we just have to say English only unless you are formatting as suggested above!

If you still aren't sure, check out this post by @attnn that's written in both French and English. We're perfectly happy with this kind of thing - neat and easy to navigate.

Harvest Update

Low Effort Posts

We are beginning to see some posts with a single image or blurry images, and only a few sentences. Unfortunately short form posts aren't really our thing - it's unfair to upvote a shortform when some people go to a lot of effort and deserve the support more. So we may mute you in that case.

No offence.

Be kind and considerate

Most gardeners are just gorgeous, friendly, kind people. But every now and then we get a grumpy one, or one that doesn't bother to engage or might even beg for upvotes. We're just not into that kinda thing, so we'll probably mute you if you can't be nice.

Don't forget to engage with others - try to comment on at least two posts for every one you write.

And now to the fun stuff...

  • Do you write regularly in the community but don't have a Peakd badge? Drop a comment under one of @riverflows garden posts and she'll get right on it.
  • Don't forget to join in on our various challenges - you'll find them pinned in the community. They're a fun way to get to know people and you can win Hive too.
  • Want a special banner like the one below? Send riverflows#4691 a photo on Discord or put it as a comment on one of her gardening posts and she'll make you a special one or few too!


Thankyou to all of you that continue to be amazing members of this community!

The HIVE GARDEN COMMUNITY supports gardening, homesteading, cannabis growers, permaculture and other garden or botanical related content. Delegations to the curation account, @gardenhive, are welcome! Find our community here!

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