Mushrooms, Compost, Cannabis and Promoting Hive!

We have mushrooms growing everywhere

There are King Stropharia Mushrooms popping up in the greenhouse. mostly along the outer edges of the soil as I have been top dressing Fish Bone Meal to the pots.

There are mushrooms popping in both the composts! The compost pile that is cooling down has really nice mushroom growth happening!

While turning the compost pile that is not cooling down, I discovered tiny mushrooms today. They were small and hiding in the sides of the pile.

I have mushrooms in my Closet! Well, kind of.

Thank you to @jonyoudyer for the recommendation to use Doctor Zymes. I sent my friend to a local grow store and it turns out he ended up knowing one of the main ladies there. They knew each other from the 90s from when he was setting up big time booths at the Oregon Country Fair. So she gave him a free one gallon bottle of Doctor Zymes! Priced typically around $110.00-140.00 USD.

I treated the cannabis plants with the Doctor Zymes. I am not sure it wiped out any mildew out with this treatment. It might take a few more treatments. I did only go half strength.

I took advantage of the amazing curation of my last post to promote Hive to the Eugene, Oregon Gardening group on Facebook. Thank you curators!

FYI, I have a growing Hive NFT collection and gallery over at My profile picture is from that collection!

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