Etlingera elatior flower

Did you know that this beautiful flower with a pink color mixed with white lines has many benefits and properties.

Kecombrang flowers have health benefits that can be used as herbal medicine, apart from that, kecombrang flowers are also commonly used as complementary vegetables which can be mixed in various dishes. The distinctive aroma of kecombrang flowers makes this flower very popular and is often used as an additional spice in various dishes.

Kecombrang, is a type of plant that is also included in the ginger plant family, it has a scientific name, namely Etlingera elatior. Below I insert a few quotes about this flower which I quoted from Wikipedia, you can explore it further if you want to know more about this flower plant which has many benefits.

Kecombrang, kantan, or honje is a type of spice plant and is an annual herb-shaped plant whose flowers, fruit and seeds are used as vegetable ingredients. Other names are honje, sempol, and kincung, source wikipedia

This is a form of display of the kecombrang flower when it hasn't bloomed, which like this will bloom in the next two days.

While the stem of the kecombrang plant looks like bamboo at a glance, the stem has a high size, the height of the stem can reach two to three meters.

The way these plants grow is almost the same as banana or bamboo trees, they grow in groups, some of them are already towering and blooming, some are still of medium size and some are just seen emerging and coming out of the ground among some who are adults.

And this is how the kecombrang flower looks when it blooms. The flowers are very beautiful and very beautifully shaped like a neatly arranged crown.

To be mixed and added to other dishes, we usually here, kecombrang flowers are added or mixed into chicken curry, goat curry and also fish curry.

Kecombrang flowers that have been cut into pieces are cooked together with a mixture of chicken, goat or fish, the distinctive aroma will make the dish taste better and will certainly make everyone want to taste it.

In terms of health benefits, kecombrang flowers are very often used as herbal medicine. Kecombrang can treat various diseases, such as. Prevent chronic disease, prevent inflammation, cancer and several other diseases.

Just like herbal medicine like ginger. Kecombrang flowers that have bloomed are brewed with boiling water, then filtered and ready to be used as a natural medicine without side effects.

Kecombrang is a garden plant that can be grown easily, has many benefits and also has beautiful flowers.

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