DreamOn's GrowLog [Germination]

​Hello Smokers and Gardeners!
Spring is here, which means it's time to stop procrastinating and start planting seedlings!


​​I have leftover conical pots from my previous sprouting. The conical shape helps keep the soil and roots intact when transplanting into open ground.


I collected the soil from the area where my plants will grow. I'll have a separate post on how I prepared it. I always do things backwards))
Spoiler: since the last harvest, I've been adding ash and bird droppings mixed with straw to the soil, and today I generously added cow manure! It should turn out delicious))


After placing the pots on a tray, I made small indentations in the soil.
Then I finally opened my purchase and placed the seeds in the pots.

I want to observe one experiment: in the two central pots, I placed slightly sawn seeds. I heard a theory that it makes it easier for the roots to sprout from the seed. I slightly scratched the surface of the joint between the two seed lobes. I'll keep you updated on the progress of my experiment.

...as I watered and covered with cotton pads, I no longer took pictures.

Well, wish me luck. I'm sure your local energy will help growth up just as well as fertilizer!


Wishing everyone bright warm sunshine and huge, juicy cannabis buds!

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