Visiting my friend's gardens

Yesterday I visited my friend's garden which has just been used, these few days they are very busy there and don't have time to have coffee together, I don't know what possessed him to start gardening, I didn't think he would join in farming, I think they don't love farmland even though they have an abandoned vacant lot. I was surprised they used to work in a company and didn't have time to farm, I didn't think that they would spend their time with the garden.

I feel proud of my friend, so quickly his mind changed and tasted farming life, I had thought gardening had its own pleasure for those who like farming. It's very strange that a company worker also likes agriculture, it's hard to guess if he has the will to plant. 😃

I had time to ask your opinion why you started gardening? Gardening is not something forced to work there, growing many types of plants is a job that I might find a harvest in a few months later. Lifting the hoe for a few hours will sweat me out, thinking it's beneficial for health and fitness, there are benefits after planting will get fruit to be harvested to eat, maybe I don't have much time for gardening but I think, I will make time for gardening. 🙂

In a few days of working and hoeing the ground, making a 10 meter long pillow there will be planted with kale, isn't that also very important to support the growth of food for the daily stock to be cooked, think occasionally cook the crops from the garden that are the result of hard work.

The weather is very favorable and there is no rain this week so it is very good to pound the soil with a hoe, working days preparing the ground for planting. My friend wanted to work without a tractor, plow the land as fast as possible with a hoe and it was his wish to be a real hardworking farmer.

They see me very often sometimes almost every week and sit down to have a cup of coffee. They also asked about the progress of my crops in the garden, there are many very busy activities, growing seasonal crops and animal husbandry is a part of the job that is never abandoned.

After a few hours of looking at their garden, I stopped by the store and bought organic fertilizer I added a purchase of fungicide for spraying, in the next two weeks, I will start moving the nursery so I have to buy organic fertilizer and fungicide, maintenance is done regularly to overcome the problem in nursery maintenance.

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