New crops harvesting and some crops failed before and now is about to success and the old crops still providing fruits


Hello to all gardeners. A happy greetings to all of you. I am happy to be here again and share with you how are my crops gave me joy in my daily lives.

It has been raining for more than two weeks and it is inevitable to worry about my crops being damaged. Even though it was raining, I still visited my vegetable plants and supported those who fell down. Despite the continuous rains and feeling nervous and worried about damaging the plants I was surprised because I did not think that I would harvest my newly planted string beans and other crops.

Let me show you guys how my crops work silently. I will show you first the string beans.


It seems like I just planted it and now it has many fruits and flowers and this is the first time it is being harvested. Right now only a little can be harvested but soon there will be a lot.


I saw a little aphids and I need to apply insect repellent immediately so they don't multiply and to avoid damaging the crops.

And sweet potato, chinese kangkong and spinach which is called alugbate in our dialect, it is growing more and more green, creeping widely and multiplying.

Sweet potato


Chinese kangkong

And my old okra still giving fruits and I ripened the fruit for seedlings.


And the new crop okra is very healthy. This okra looks like a dwarf because even if it is small it bears flower to bloom soon.



And look at my green pepper which in our dialect is called a espada. Fortunately there is no stopping bearing of fruits. With so much fruit we can't consume it anymore.


And also our pechay is not damaged by the rain and the leaves are growing bigger. And it is about soon to be harvest.


And this one that gives me joy is my tomatoes. In my previous post I was not successful with tomatoes and I was very disappointed. Even though that happened I still tried no matter how many times I failed I would not give up and so,now these are my tomatoes with flowers and two small fruits.


And my old crop eggplant. These past few days I have also reaped many times. And today there are still many fruits that will be harvested again in the next few days.


And my new crop eggplant is growing and bearing flowers. And I'm excited and happy to see it bear much fruit.

And how are your garden guys doing and how is it making you happy?

What I've learned as a gardener is that if you give time and effort, you will get back the joy that you never imagined.

As of now that's all what i show you and next i have some crops to show you in my garden.

See you on my next post and have a happy day.

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