March Garden Journal Challenge. A visit to my friends Fish and Pigry farm.


My friend just called me to assist her in her farm. I accept so that I will have the experience on how to bring out fishes from the pond. On getting there, I was not able to enter the pond due to fear. Hahahaha, it was catfish and the way they were dancing, I couldn't have the courage to go inside even though they are not harmful. I asked her to go inside while I stayed up to hold the bag for her since they where been packed inside rice bag.

My friend using bag to pack up the fishes

While packing the fish, the were running up and down because their bodies are so slippery. At the end all the fishes were packed in a bag as you can see here below.


After, the fishes was taken to where it will be prepared for roasting. On getting there, the fish was put to death first using a huge stick.



After putting the fishes to death, a rope was use to tight the fishes head and tail together. As they are being tied up, I helped to package them in a big bowel using water and salt to wash them to avoid sand and dirt's.


Done washing, we left it to the woman who is in charge of the roasting. After 3 days we went back to check on the fishes, behold it was all dried up



From their it was taking to the market for sell. Honestly their is money in fish farming though it takes money run the business. I actually went to see how her pigs is doing. One thing I love most is how clean the environment is. You know pigs are one of the most dirtiest animals. But here in my friends farm, very clean and was being taken very care of.



My experience

Well fed pigs can give birth to 13-15 pigs at ago. And one of it can be sold at the rate of 80NGN. Woaooah! That's a huge amount of money. But it takes money to fix up the farm. Well, it's something I can do. I pray for money so that I can start up Pigry farm.

As for the fish, they get matured within a period of 3 months. It's all about money and giving them food regularly. It's my first experience though. Will still know more about it before I establish mine.

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