Planning My 2023 Garden

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My 2023 Garden Planning

For those who prefer to watch on YouTube:

A Garden doesn't just "happen." It takes planning.
Follow along as I take a few minutes and talk thru the process I use for Planning My 2023 Garden. Ordering Seeds, Last Average Frost Date, Calendar, planning it all out!

Farmer's Almanac Frost Date: for seeds frm MiGardener (about 85% of my seeds) for more seeds from Baker's Creek

Each step, I give you tips and links to help your garden, as well.

Most of you know, I prefer locally grown food. It's healthier for my family, and for the planet. In fact, I prefer to grow my own food. I know what goes into my foods, and what chemicals are NOT in my food. Also, It cuts down on carbon emissions, less trucking to get fresh foods to my table.

And that makes me smile... better for the planet, better for my own family.

Have you started planning your 2023 Garden?

Let me know below in the comments...

Show me your garden!
Leave me a comment, below...
and a link to your #GroVid22 garden!

It's time to take control of your own food supply,
your own health and your own lives.

The GroVid22 Challenge:
Grow Your OWN is not just a simple short challenge,
it's about taking control of your future!

Happy Gardening and Cheers,

All Images by Bluefin Studios unless specified.

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