Succulent and Simple Life


Greetings to the beautiful and fresh gardening community. The pandemic has allowed us to get closer to nature. It has become fashionable to grow plants including the famous succulents. Succulents with their diversity of species are now on display in many places. Gardeners offer varieties and creativity to sell their products. Mini succulents are attractive to people, the way of planting them attracts even more.


The advantage of growing succulents for many is their hardiness. These plants do not require much watering, are resistant to any climate and always stay beautiful. The most common, known to all is the succulent Aloe also known as aloe vera. By custom, in Venezuela, these plants are usually kept for good energies although, talking to people who are experts in cultivation and beliefs, they say that all of them attract good energies.


One of the most commercial succulents is Echeveria elegans. This cassulaceous plant is herbaceous and shrubby, one of its characteristics is the storage of water in its leaves and stem, for this reason it has the advantage of self-care.


Creativity also became fashionable at the time of planting. Once I got home to review the photographs, I realized that in the face of so much beauty and admiration, I forgot to ask where the plants are grown. The artisans elaborate a kind of ball with the raw material and there they exhibit the flowers, it is simply a beautiful spectacle.


There are many ways to cultivate and care for gardens. In my country, Venezuela, every square is surrounded by plants, I comment again in this sense that succulents have gained ground and confidence among gardeners and landscape architects who have opted for this resource. Natural beauty is priceless. Health is benefited when we surround ourselves with spaces full of vegetation, breathing fresh air, pure oxygen, is the best.


Living with full awareness of the importance of caring for the environment is everyone's task. To sow and care is also to love.


Another space that I admired, contemplated and respected is that place where mushrooms or fungi are or mushrooms grow wild. El Junco is a cold place, the trees keep a lot of humidity, on that humidity the mushrooms take advantage to bloom and give way to the natural process in the food chain of insects, birds and vegetables.




I share with you beautiful photographs of the fungi kingdom which is also part of nature.


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Fotos de mi propiedad @belkisa758. Fotografías tomadas desde mi teléfono Samsung A-30

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