Garden Journal, Garden Pictures For The End Of July

Hello, hivers and gardeners!

This post is just a picture update of my home garden for the end of July. Everything seems to be growing pretty well right now. We've had a reasonable amount of rainy days, so I haven't had to water the garden too many times. I collect as much rain water as I can to use on the garden, so having a couple of good rainy days has been helpful for that also.

I'll start with the tomato garden plot. I have 12 plants in this plot, plus 2 more in a big tub in front of the plot. This plot is right outside the back door, in the side yard.
I took this picture standing in the doorway.

I tried to get a good angle picture from the end of the garden plot.


This picture is from outside the fence, near the street. You would see this when you drive by.

At the end of the tomato garden plot, I planted my yellow summer squash plants. There are lots of little squash on the plants right now. There's also a volunteer tomato plant at the end of the garden. I don't know how it got there but I'm letting it grow.


Most of the main garden plot is planted with Dakota White flour corn. It seems we're always experimenting with one kind of corn or another.


It's hard to get a good picture of the entire corn patch. I can't get far enough away from it without other stuff being in the way of the picture. This is about the best I can do.


It's hard to get a good picture of my pole beans, they tend to blend into the background of corn. I tried a different angle with this shot.


This is my carrot patch in my raised bed.



Next, it's onto the bush type green beans. These plants are in my semi raised bed.


I also have green beans in my container garden. I have a lot of baby beans on the plants now, so I'll probably get my first picking in the next week or so.


I have some more summer squash plants that I planted very late. They're growing now, but I don't know if I'll get squash from them. That depends on how long the good weather lasts this year.
These are yellow squash plants. They have a few flowers, so that's a start.


These are zucchini plants.


These are my sad tomato plants at the end of my container garden. The end plant is a cherry tomato plant. It's doing ok and has a fair amount of unripe tomatoes on it. The other plant is a paste tomato plant. It's been hard keeping enough water in the dirt for this plant, it seems like it's always dry. Also, a fair amount of the tomatoes on this plant seem to have blossom end rot.


Here's a look through the door of the greenhouse. The tomato plants in here are up to the roof panels, even after trimming all the tops off the plants. I think I'm going to have a lot of tomatoes from the greenhouse this year. I noticed that there's a few tomatoes on a couple of the plants that also have blossom end rot. I've fed the plants with a calcium/magnesium supplement several times to try to keep that from getting any worse. That is one of the challenges of growing tomato plants in big pots, you have to be more proactive with feeding them.


This is one of my two hemp plants. These plants are high CBD hemp.


This is the other hemp plant. These are definitely not a compact plant, they get huge. They're at least 6 feet tall now and up to the roof panels.


One more picture for you today.
In the summer and early fall, I try to do my canning out in the back of the greenhouse. I have a corner of the back set up so that I can do the canning here instead of in the house. I do the prep work in the house and them bring the jars out here for the canning.
The area is a complete mess right now, I need to get it cleaned up and prepared, I'll be using it soon. That yellow thing in the corner is the pressure canner. The propane burner it's sitting on is hidden in the mess. There's also a 3 burner travel trailer stove hidden behind the folding chair and under the pile of stuff beneath the little window.


That's all I have for this post, thanks for checking it out!


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