Planting my First Squash for this Year and Putting Some Protection on my Black Seeded String Beans


Since it is summer now and my garden's soil is dry it is the perfect time to get into gardening mode. A few days ago I planted another batch of tomatoes and black seeded string beans. And today, I planted some squash in the higher portion of my vegetable garden to avoid the soil getting too saturated when the farming season begins in June.

My first ever squash crops last year is a disappointment because I planted them in the lowest part of my vegetable garden and when the rice farming began the soil in the lowest part of my vegetable garden became too saturated which eventually destroyed all the squash that I planted.

This year, I am hoping for a turnaround mainly because I learned the first time. I also chose the highest part of my vegetable garden and I made a customized soil bed for planting my squash crops.

Planting Squash

It has been a long time since I am planning to use the used hollow blocks in front of our house and today is that day. I first carried the hollow blocks to the location where I am going to plant my squash and then I arranged them into rectangles (photo below).

The hollow blocks that I carried from the front of our house to inside my vegetable garden

Then I filled it with soil to the brim. The soil that I used where recycled soil that I used in planting my old eggplant crops and then on top of it I put some compost.

After filling the customized bed with soil

Of course, I have to compress the soil by patting it repeatedly. Below is a short video of me while I am patting the top of the soil.

Patting the soil to compress

And then I poke some holes on top of the soil using my pointing finger. The holes are wide and deep enough to accommodate two seeds. I will be planting two seeds on each hole to make sure of germination.

Poking holes using my pointing finger

Here's a short video of me while I am poking some holes on top of the soil. I actually poked four holes.

And here are the seeds that I am going to plant. I am actually just going to plant eight pieces of seed. So, there are plenty of seeds to be left (I am still finding a place for the leftover seeds).

The squash seeds that I am going to plant

Just like how I planted my previous squash seeds I planted the pointed part of the seeds first.

Planting the seeds

I planted two squash seeds in each hole just to make sure that either one of them will germinate.

Watering the squash seeds

Then, I also have to put stakes all around to protect it from my poultries.


Protecting my Newly Planted Black Seeded String Beans

A few days ago I planted my black seeded string beans and then I realized that the stakes that I put to protect them from my poultries are not enough. So, I decided to put a banana skin wall on each of them to fully protect them from my poultries.

Below are photos and a short video of my black seeded string beans after I put some banana tree skins on them.





That is all for guys, see you next time.

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