Can DOOM Run on Bitcoin?

Hey Peeps!

Surprisingly, Yes!....well, sort of.

On February 1st, an individual named Nicholas Carlini inscribed a clone of the beloved 1993 video game, DOOM, on Bitcoin as Inscription 466.

The Ordinals introduction website explains that satoshis can be imbued with "numismatic value, allowing them to be collected and traded as curios".

To my understanding, this is a way for "digital artifacts" to be stored on Bitcoin; perhaps this is the beginning of NFTs on Bitcoin.

Ordinals argues that these "digital artifacts" are better than NFTs as they are immutable, uncensorable, complete, and permissionless; which apparently NFTs are not as their metadata can be edited and they normally point to off-chain content.

Click these links more information on Ordinal Theory and Inscriptions.

Here is the direct link to Inscription 466:

The original version inscribed on Inscription 466 is not the easiest to control, so an enhanced version was eventually inscribed and can be played here:

I can attest that the enhanced version is easier to control and runs much smoother. Give it a try!

"Individual satoshis can be inscribed with arbitrary content, creating unique Bitcoin-native digital artifacts that can be held in Bitcoin wallets and transferred using Bitcoin transactions. Inscriptions are as durable, immutable, secure, and decentralized as Bitcoin itself." - Ordinals website

If you are not familiar, there is a meme about DOOM and the various pieces of technology that can actually run the video game.

It has gained a huge following as there seems to be no shortage of devices that can run DOOM, including pregnancy tests, calculators and even ATMs.

Here is a funny article which shows other technology that DOOM was able to be run on:

Go check out the DOOM game on Bitcoin and comment what you think!

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